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Reckonaut Kathy Ridge
Kathy Ridge
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Jan. 10, 2012, 11:17 p.m.
Give us the details on how you became a Reckonaut! Who'd play you in The Reckoner movie?

I was born in a crossfire hurricane, which was later wired for broadband internet. In lieu of filling out my own profile, Reckonbot has automatically deemed me to be a genial, non-threatening character-actor type best played by either Bonnie Hunt or Bill Paxton.


You pretty much have it! I'm a cross between Bonnie and Bill. Mostly Bonnie, though they are both so sweet and....really just sweet. So actually, I'm like neither. Actually, Bonnie Hunt isn't at all like Bill Paxton, to be honest. I see her as a stronger person. I'm thinking Sleepless in Seattle for Paxton and any movie for Hunt (and i adore her as a writer, director, actress, whatever...)

I would take way too much time to write and energy to read, so suffice to say that I'll have to give this more thought in order to comment.


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