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Nov. 30, 2011, 6:34 p.m.
Give us the details on how you became a Reckonaut! Who'd play you in The Reckoner movie?

I was born in a crossfire hurricane, which was later wired for broadband internet. In lieu of filling out my own profile, Reckonbot has automatically deemed me to be a genial, non-threatening character-actor type best played by either Bonnie Hunt or Bill Paxton.

Unless you picked "gun fixer guy" out of the hat when your office assigned roles for who was doing what in the zombie apocalypse (Is it just my office that did that?), then I want the one I think isn't going to break down mid-zombie attack.

I wouldn't want to live in a world without the modern Star Wars video games.  As good as the old vector graphics ones are, Knights of the Old Republic is simply one of the greatest games ever made. 

As for the Phantom Menace rerelease- I'm inclined to think that Lucas may be biting off more than he can chew.  When that movie first came out there was electricity in the air.  As I remember, they even stopped paying for the trailer to air because so many people were downloading it and so many television shows were showing it for free.  But, this time around? I wouldn't even really be aware it was coming out if not for the nerd rage online and the ugly posters at the movie theater. 

I use it, and, as your example deftly showed, I get confused when others don't. 

I just really can't get that worked up about what he did.  If you could show me that Pete Rose actually rigged and/or somehow purposefully caused his team to lose games he was playing in, that would be one thing.  But instead, you've got one of the greatest players of all time being kept out just for making a dumb decision about what was apropriate to gamble on and what was not.  

As for the alleged steroid users- until you go back and start removing any and every player who ever did (or heck let's include was even "suspected" for good measure) something that was unfair, unethical, or in a grey area-all the spitballers, the ball scuffers, the bat corkers, etc.- you've got no reason to keep out the "steroids era" players.  

Jan. 20, 2012, 9:11 a.m.

At least you'll see/hear the T-Rex coming.

Jan. 19, 2012, 5:07 p.m.

I used to never get the Leno hate.  If I was awake at that hour and flipping around the channels, I'd watch him.  He seemed fine.

But then things changed.  All the shows around Leno started to get better.  Craig Ferguson went full force into his weird brand of humor, and made it really work.  Jimmy Fallon went from being the kid who ruined skits on SNL to a fairly affable and entertaining guy.  The combination of everyone around him getting better and Jay disapearing for a bit made me realize that Jay really was as bad as people said and I had just spent all those years not realizing there was an alternative.  I haven't watched him since.  

Anyway, Go Team Coco.  

Am I a terrible person because my first two thoughts were, "If I go into the future I can pull a Biff and get rich" and "If I go into the past I can pull a David Xanatos and get rich"?

@The Elder Mr. K.

I love my stick-shift and couldn't imagine buying a car that wasn't, but if you were to offer the class I know a few folks that I'd love to sign up.  

Jan. 18, 2012, 11:07 a.m.

This questions seems more than a little ironic after yesterday's Zombpacolypse reckoning.  

If I had to live in a world without one or the other, I'd be much sadder to see Jeopardy go.  

That being said- am I the only one who gets frustrated when people play Wheel of Fortune wrong?  If you know the answer, and there are a ton of empty spaces on the board, what are you doing solving the puzzle?  Have a little guts, spin the wheel, and knock some of those consonants off the board. 

I hate to pull out an arguement so similar to the Official Reckoner-In-Chief's arguement on a similar fight, but the Silver Surfer could just figure out a way to pull the Hulk off the planet and deprive him of oxygen.  In fact, a similar method was used to defeat a Hulk analouge in Mark Millar's famed run on The Authority.

No one, absolutely no one, likes doing the dishes more than cooking. 

Interesting question.  I'm inclined to believe that it's a little of column a and a little of column b.  Durden is certainly romanticized throughout parts of the movie, but others are fairly clear satire.  

More importantly- Zodiac?  Really?  That might be my least favorite Fincher movie.  

If I'm going to die in the Zombpocalypse, at least I'll get to have some fun at the mall before I go.  What am I going to do at the hospital to pass the time?  Racing wheelchairs can only keep you entertained for so long.  

There are so many more factors that could go into this one (i.e. projected courses of study, grad school prospects, size of financial aid packages, etc.) that it's almost impossible to answer.  Having gone to the same Ivy League school as the Official Reckoner-In-Chief Dan Koch, I can attest that I get a lot more attention and comments because of my graduate degree from that school than from the considerably less prestigous undergraduate insitution I attended.  

@Dan Koch

I could not disagree more.  Save Daft Punk's recent amazing entry, what was the last movie soundtrack that sold well or generated buzz?  The last one I can think of is the Daredevil soundtrack that inadvertantly launched the career of Evanescence.  Maybe the soundtrack to the first Transformers' movie, which had a Linkin Park song that went on to be a moderate hit?

Sadly, I think the movie soundtrack as we once knew it is dead and gone.  There's too much money to be made by licensing songs and/or "placing" songs, and, seemingly, not enough from coming up with good music to accompany a movie.  

As an owner of all the albums listed in the original Reckoning, I lament their loss.

Put me squarely in the yuck column.  I've found one K-Cup flavor (Espresso Blend) that tastes mildly less offensive than the others.  My solution for when I don't want to make a whole pot for myself- single serving french press.  

I never liked Joe Namath.  Now Johnny U, that's a fella with a haircut you could set your watch to.  

Hoverboards = how could you possibly vote for III?

@ Dan Koch 

I'm going to assume your disparaging remarks about the GI Joe movie are because Cobra Commander has hijacked The Reckoner.  The GI Joe movie's loss to the Last Emporer in '87 is an even bigger snub than Saving Private Ryan's loss.

Or how about replacing it with a 1990's style Rock and Jock pro-bowl?  

I mean who doesn't want to see Dan Cortese throw a pass to Megatron? 

Bourne.  Bond doesn't display Bourne's level of sneakiness nearly as often.

No more origin stories!  It's one of the worst crutches screenwriters rely on.

Yet, I'm actually kind of torn as to the "too soon" question.  The gap between Batman and Robin and Batman Begins was 8 years, and the gap between Incredible Hulk and Hulk was only 5 years.  Whereas I thought that was a perfectly acceptable for those movies, a similar length of time feels rushed here.  (Maybe because unlike with the Batman and Hulk franchises, it doesn't look like the Spiderman filmmakers have learned the lessons of their previous failures?)

In any event, look forward to shoddily tossed together Spiderman sequels until the end of time.  As long as the licensing agreements are contingent on the studio making a movie featuring the character every few years, they'll continue to as long as there is any juice left to squeeze from the franchise.  (The same can likely be said for the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Ghost Rider, Daredevil, and Punisher.)

I think two things are driving the upswing of baseball at the moment, and I'm not sure how much credit Selig should get for either:

1) The overall proliferation of talent- There's just a lot of really talented guys in baseball right now.  Sure, some teams stink, but overall the level of competition is amazingly high.   Even teams that don't have the monetary resources to go out and get the most expensive free agents have found ways to compete at an extremely high level.  It's the exact opposite of the situation the NBA is currently in (where there are too many teams and not enough talented guys to fill those rosters).

2) The decline of the dynasties that ruled the roost during the 90's- Let's face it, if you weren't a Braves fan or a Yankees fan, there's a good 10 year period in there were your team was probably getting whooped on a semi-regular basis by either the Braves or the Yankees.  Other teams starting to shine (in part because of the proliferation of talent) has really helped baseball.  I can remember friends who had never watched a baseball game in their life being glued to the television during the 2004 Red Sox/Cardinals series.  Similarly, baseball was almost a dirty word in Philadelphia until recent years, and now the Phillies sell out every night.  

Jan. 9, 2012, 3:30 p.m.

The saddest part is that I really love Be Here Now.  For all of the crazy self indulgence, it has some really outstanding tracks.  In retrospect, I get why people had problems with it, but it will always be one of my favorite albums.  

I love this show dearly.  (I have a "Human Beings" shirt.)  But, it's definitely getting axed at the end of the year.  The number of pop culture junkies who get all of the jokes just isn't bit enough to support a network television show.  Perhaps more importantly, there's just too strong of an anti-intellectual race to the bottom on network television shows in recent years.

Jan. 9, 2012, 1:28 p.m.

Am I weird for responding that I could be better?  I do a lot of driving, and
seem to do okay, (Knock on wood), but I don't think I'd ever describe myself as particularly great at it. 

Pacino, but just barely.  Both have descended into caricature, but De Niro seems slightly more cognizant of it.  (e.g. The Focker movies and Machete)

That being said, they both should lose forever based on The Righteous Kill.  

I look at it this way:

Batman beats Superman

Superman beats Iron Man

Therefore, Batman beats Iron Man.

Wow guys- what's with all the brunch angst?  I love brunch.  Little bit of breakfast food, little bit of lunch food, and a few mimosas to wash it down. Sounds like heaven. 

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