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Nov. 30, 2011, 2:34 p.m.
Give us the details on how you became a Reckonaut! Who'd play you in The Reckoner movie?

How did I become a Reckonaut? Did I have a choice? I am the creator of the creator of The Reckoner. Though happily so, without me, there would be no Reckoner or Dan Koch. So here I am spouting my motherly wisdom in support of this really neat, new website. As to who would play me in The Reckoner movie, my first choice would be Angelina Jolie; however, if she was not available, I guess it would have to be Doris Roberts of "Everyone Loves Raymond" fame. 

If I were a recipe, it would call for: one cup of Ellen Barkin, Glenn Close, Diane Keaton and Barbara Walters, a tablespoon of Elizabeth Taylor and a sprinkleing of Tina Turner and Pink for flavor. How's that for a tastey mix???

Hell...when I have the opportunity on the Turnpike, I will take it up to 90. Let me loose on the that would be a hoot!

As a college English writing instructor, this question arises a lot when I am reviewing punctuation. There is really no correct answer to this matter.  Some of us were taught to use it before the final "and" in a list and others of us were not... So, it is one of those rules in the English language that can go either way.  BTW: I personally use the Oxford comma..

All I can say is that I can separate a person being a great athlete from a person who has character flaws or an addiction - in this case gambling.

Yes, he gambled and yes - he got caught...Does that make him less a great baseball player? Ty Cobb wasn't a nice guy either! The Baseball Hall of Fame deals with playing achievement not being a great guy. He should be judged for his abilitity to play great baseball, not for the cardinal sin he committed 20 years ago...  say let him in!!!!

Jan. 20, 2012, 1:35 p.m.

I agree... it's a bummer!

Kids must go whom do you send with the kids? One of the parents must go with the child(ren).....and most of the time unless the child is with only the father...the mother goes ...or whoever is the main nuturer. Hence this is not a gender issue, it is a practical, sensible issue...

If it is just a husband or wife...I think society would see a man as being lesser of a man if he got on the lifeboat and left his wife on the sinking ship.

Personally...we go together or we stay together...

I had the priviledge of doing public relations for Joe Frazier when he was heavyweight champion of the world. He and his manager, at that time, Yancey Durham founded an organization to research Sickle Cell Anemia, and I conducted PR and fundraising events for them.

In addition to being a phenomenal boxer, toe to toe with Ali in every way, he was a gentleman and a pleasure to work with...I was very sad at his passing and will always have a soft spot in my heart for him. They were good times in my career... To answer the question...I'm a Frazier fan ...and always will be!

Jan. 18, 2012, 11:07 a.m.

I do not have a problem with having a gun in the house...however, if you do, you must be responsible about it. Guns must be kept in a safe place where children and minors or angry spouses for that matter DO NOT have access.... Members of our family do have guns, but they do so in a very responsible manner.

Keep the gun and ammo separate....weapons should be kept unloaded, safety on, in a sturdy, securely locked gun safe where only the person owning the guns knows the combination...and if you need it for home security make sure you know how to use it safely and keep it somewhere you only can find it in the case of an emergency...

and by all means take every precaution to keep your guns from being stolen and in the hands of criminals!!!!

Heard about it a few days ago before the blackout...but before then, pretty ignorant of it.

I do enjoy Jeopardy....but Wheel of Fortune brings out the slot player in me, so I have to go with Wheel...

It is in the phrasing...Tell her that you enjoy cooking and wouldn't mind doing ALL the cooking if she didn't mind cleaning up afterwards. And if she expresses a desire to cook once in awhile, let her.

I can't imagine her being insulted if you don't berate her for her lack of culinary skills. Anyway, she's lucky because most women have to both cook and the clean...


Glad you cleared that up, Leo, because I did think this was your posting...LOL

Michael J. Fox rocked Family Ties.

What the hay were they thinking....Hard to believe that they couldn't commission an American sculptor to do a monument for a great American!

This was even sourced wonder we, as a nation, are in the shape we are in!

And they even paraphrased one of MLK's famous quotes on the side of the monument, and in doing so, changed the meaning. I am having a hard time finding this acceptable...

I would rather be in the mall than the hospital..."You can do anything zombies, but lay off of my blue suede shoes"!

I will eat out of the carton ONLY IF I'm finishing up what little is left in the carton. If there is more than one serving left, on principle, I will put it in a bowl.

He is the only reason why we watch the Golden Globes....and was funny again last night, but I thought a bit tamer than last year...he still got his shots in...I think he is a hoot....extremely funny British humor!

By the way, those of you who appreciate Gervais-style humor, see his movie The Invention of Lying....we found it to be not only very creative, but so humorous. Try'll like it.

I agree with Dan. Some movies are just better in black and white.

Obviously, it wasn't a deal-breaker, last night, for The Artist touching upon the black and white...and sub-titles Reckoner questions.....

In my opinion, it jumped the shark the minute it moved out of Atlantic City!!!

I just viewed one of the finer moments of the pageant....It is painfully obvious that Miss South Carolina couldn't locate the US on a map either. OMG that entire answer was embarrassing!!!!!

Get out the snow boots...It's inevitable that we will get at least one big snow storm before the winter is over....But let's rejoice in this nice weather for as long as we can...

I used to wash out all the recyclables, but try rincing out mayonaise and tomato sauce jars,dog food cans... and, as Dan mentioned, tuna cans. I'm sure you get my drift. I used water, energy to produce hot water, and detergent, as well as my I figured that it defeated the entire purpose of recyling....Then I heard that recyling companies DO NOT require rincing out the jars and unless whatever was in the container rinces out easily, I don't....

Jan. 12, 2012, 12:01 p.m.

I really don't know how to vote on this one. We have everything on this list in the house and anybody who has seem our pantry knows we have enough food and water for probably a month or two;however, we don't have it in a bag ready to go! If we're that much in a hurry, that we can't grab what is needed to survive and throw it in a bag, it probably won't make much of a difference anyway....

Hindsight is always the best sight!!! Who really could have gone either way, so I guess Meade didn't want to take the chance....

There is another question sort of similar in nature regarding a much later war... If President George HW Bush, had invaded Bagdad and deposed of Sadaam Hussein during the Persian Gulf War...Would that have stopped the US from having to invade Bagdad later to kill Hussein and get involved heavily in the Iraq war????

Again...maybe....maybe not!!!

It's really how you look at things. If the couple sees this venue as a beautiful place to exchange their wedding vows and begin a beautiful life together...and the place is named after a very famous Civil War general, then this is the way this couple should be looking at it if they are even considering being married there!

However, if they are looking at it as a beautiful place, but with negative feelings and perceptions because of its name and what its name may mean to the guests, why is there a question???  Why would they even consider it as a venue?

They should not worry about the guests opinion. This is their wedding. The guests should be happy for them and celebrate the union no matter where they chose to have it!!!!!

Language does change with usage and many people refer to a "couple" and mean a "few". For example, "I'll be there in a couple of minutes". Don't hold your breath waiting for that person to be there in exactly two minutes!

There are times, though, when a couple should mean two: I AM BRINGING A COUPLE OF PEOPLE TO YOUR DINNER PARTY....BETTER MEAN TWO MORE PEOPLE....there is preparation involved. It would be rude and insensitive to mean an undetermined amount....

However, in this case....let's not get petty over a couple meaning a few pieces of candy!!

Kathy makes a good point...but the problem seems when they are thugs on the field they are thugs off the field as well....Since young people look up to these athletes as role models, what does this tell them.

Then is a free country and we as sports fans are intitled to be fans of whatever sport we choose. Because I do not care for the football mentality, I no longer am a big football fan...but sure am a BIG baseball fan....Go Phillies...Go!!!!!!

Like any other belief that can not be definitely proven or dispelled, there may not be a high probability but there is always the possibility. I personally believe, that there are some people that have this ability. Though there are many scam artists out there, I feel there are people who have this gift. Until someone comes back from the dead and tells us what is beyond the final curtain, no one knows for sure, and even then, there will be the doubting Thomases....

Used to watch it...but not really in to it. However, just read in the local paper that the show is definitely coming back even though NBC is in a ratings free fall.

I can't vote on this one only because, they both have paid their dues in Hollywood, and are entitled to take any roles they want to just because they want to. They have already established their place in movie history as great actors in great movies. They don't need to please anybody at this point.

By the way you forgot that Pacino won an Oscar for Scent of a Woman which I think was in the 90's, and he was perfect in the Devil's Advocate - even though many may say he was a caricacture of himself.

They are two great actors who in their later years are playing the roles they feel like playing.....nothing to prove anymore. Why not have some fun!!!!

Jan. 9, 2012, 10:14 a.m.

If your contractor is finally on track and you are satisfied with what has finally been accomplished, do you really want to start all over with somebody new? If what he has done up to this point is a disaster, cut bait and fire him now, so a new contractor won't have to completely gut all this work and start from scratch.

Jan. 8, 2012, 10:51 a.m.

Always opt for the diner...Would love to take a cross-country trip and eat at every diner along the way....

I'm a car person, and you never know when you are going to need a car for long-distance driving or emergencies. Are you ready to give up driving anywhere outside the city limits? Even if there is transit, will it be available for all your destinations?

Have to weight the costs and rewards...I think the rewards of keeping your car will outweigh the costs....

If this "best friend" is truely a best friend she would know- best friends confide in each other about everything- that this person still has strong feelings for her ex; therefore, she would not even present her with this problem and cause her to have all this angst. It seems to me that the best friend is putting her feelings before her friend. She shouldn't have even asked her friend's permission to date this guy....better she should have informed the ex that this could cause an awkward situation and bad feelings between her and her best friend....I agree with what Patti said.....

I really feel that families should do all that they can to eat together. It's good bonding time. HOWEVER, sometimes like this particular situation, it is almost impossible without reaking havoc on the whole family dynamic. Do what you can to make it happen, and accept the fact that it's not always going to be possible.

This is a great question about a great movie. I think the probablilty is good that he made it home...that top looked as if it was going to drop; however, there's a possibility he was still dreaming. The movie left the viewer in doubt.

Sorry, but I think books are going to go the way of the newspapers, magazines and anything else published on paper. I think we will have to pay a premium to get it in that form. Since I am a journalist, I feel sad about that!


Beg your pardon, but you do as you please when in the car whether I'm driving or not!!!! I usually have little to no say as to what music we listen to.

Personally, I feel the person driving should have control over the radio.

In our case, we are completely opposite in our musical choices actually finding each other's music intolerable at times...So I usually bring my IPOD with me, so I can listen without disturbing Ingo's musical enjoyment...

This is a good alternative on a long trip with other people in the car who may not enjoy the same music as the driver does...

Jan. 5, 2012, 10:24 a.m.

As middle class parents who paid a small fortune to send our three children to highly recognized collegiate institutions with no loans or grants, I have to say enough is enough!! Tuition was ridiculous then and is even more ridiculous now!!!! These institutions charge because they can.... not because they need to. I teach at a local community college where, in my opinion, the educational value for the dollar far outweighs most of these prestigious institutions. The instructors, who get paid jack squat compared to university professors, really care about educating their students.

I think the reasoning behind attending a certain institution has to change to... is my child going to get the best education for the buck ...not how my child will get the most prestiege for the buck...

I really fear for my grandchildren!!!!

Basically sub-titles break up the visual continuity of the movie. Personally, I don't like watching a movie with sub-titles. However, there are some movies that I have seen with sub-titles and with English dubbed in, that have so much more impact with the subtitles, for example, Das Boot....

Jan. 4, 2012, 11:01 a.m.

I'm a little gun shy about asking neighbors to clean up after their pets because I remember as a child my neighbor asking me to clean up after my dog who he claimed had messed in their yard (the difference being that, at that time, there were many dogs running free in our neighborhood).

When my father, a hot headed Italian who resembled someone from the Sopranos, heard about my neighbor's request, he went storming to that neighbor with a few choice words telling him basically to go screw himself and NEVER ask his daughter (me) to clean up dog crap. His arguement being it might not have been our dog. Needless to say, they never spoke to each other again! This made for a very awkward situation since I was friends with the neighbor's daughters!

Somehow when he killed Sharon Stone's character aka his wife, and the guy that came in to intervene, you know the one with the sweat beading on his face, that seemed Quaid was in reality. However, this is a great question and I feel should spur some good commentary!

Jan. 4, 2012, 10:32 a.m.

Though I have never seen Six Feet Under, I am a big Dexter fan and anything with Michael Hall in it will make me watch ....

The noise screeches they make drive me insane. I want to punch that angry bird in the beak! Don't get it. Don't want to!

Whiz????? I am speechless! No. no. If it's out of a can, it ain't cheese to me!!!!!

It took me years to get used to NOT pumping my own gas. Up to fourteen years ago, we lived in PA.  Now that I have someone pumping gas for me, it seems awkward when I go to PA that I have to pump my own gas.

I don't mind doing it except in the freezing cold, but it's fine with me to be waited on for a change....

Nothing is going to stop the aging process. It's a sad fact of life. However, you can age better by taking care of your skin and your body in general. Anti-aging creams may help retain the moisture in your skin and retain elasticity that is lost, but you aren't going to look like a 20 year old when you are 50. However you may look younger than your biological age...and that IS good.

I will not say they are crap because these products do help make your skin look better, but they certainly are NOT the fountain of youth!!!

BTW: Plastic surgery when overdone can actually make you look like you should be on "The Walking Dead"...examples...Joan Rivers and Dolly Pardon, and the late Michael Jackson....

Jan. 2, 2012, 4:15 p.m.

For me it depends on the movie. Some movies were meant to be seen on the big screen such as Avatar or Transformers and even Titanic...especially now with all the 3D movies and the fabulous sound systems, if you crave the whole visual and sound experience, you have to go to the theater to get it.

Queen, Freddie Mercury...Flash Gordon--ah ah, master of the Universe.What a great combo...

Actually, just saw the Highlander for the first time last night. Listened to the soundtrack because of this question...Though it is really my opinion most of what Queen did was great...hence one of my favorite groups of all time...I still stand by my vote that Flash Gordon sound track was a bit better. AHHHHHHH Savior of the Universe!

It's all about creating an atmosphere. There is nothing like the beauty of flowers to make that cold wintry, dismal day feel warm and cozy and inviting.I love flowers....enjoy them Sal!

Jan. 2, 2012, 11:03 a.m.

Tea used to be my beverage of choice until all the places I worked had a coffee maker going the entire working day, and I needed that jolt of caffeine to keep me in the game. Ever since then, I have joined the ranks of those who need their cup of java especially in the morning. 

Agree...only eat it on the road, when I don't have time to sit and enjoy a good meal...or only have a few bucks in the wallet...or when I'm out with the grandchildren and you don't dare bring them in a good restaurant.

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility. I know because we have three! However, I could not let the dog suffer because my room mate is irresponsible. Let the poor dog outside if you get home earlier. Put yourself in the dog's place, and for your own peace of mind, if the dog has an accident, how could you leave it on the floor. I wouldn't want to look at it or smell it either...

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