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Nov. 30, 2011, 2:34 p.m.
Give us the details on how you became a Reckonaut! Who'd play you in The Reckoner movie?

How did I become a Reckonaut? Did I have a choice? I am the creator of the creator of The Reckoner. Though happily so, without me, there would be no Reckoner or Dan Koch. So here I am spouting my motherly wisdom in support of this really neat, new website. As to who would play me in The Reckoner movie, my first choice would be Angelina Jolie; however, if she was not available, I guess it would have to be Doris Roberts of "Everyone Loves Raymond" fame. 

If I were a recipe, it would call for: one cup of Ellen Barkin, Glenn Close, Diane Keaton and Barbara Walters, a tablespoon of Elizabeth Taylor and a sprinkleing of Tina Turner and Pink for flavor. How's that for a tastey mix???

Hell...when I have the opportunity on the Turnpike, I will take it up to 90. Let me loose on the that would be a hoot!

As a college English writing instructor, this question arises a lot when I am reviewing punctuation. There is really no correct answer to this matter.  Some of us were taught to use it before the final "and" in a list and others of us were not... So, it is one of those rules in the English language that can go either way.  BTW: I personally use the Oxford comma..

All I can say is that I can separate a person being a great athlete from a person who has character flaws or an addiction - in this case gambling.

Yes, he gambled and yes - he got caught...Does that make him less a great baseball player? Ty Cobb wasn't a nice guy either! The Baseball Hall of Fame deals with playing achievement not being a great guy. He should be judged for his abilitity to play great baseball, not for the cardinal sin he committed 20 years ago...  say let him in!!!!

Jan. 20, 2012, 1:35 p.m.

I agree... it's a bummer!

Kids must go whom do you send with the kids? One of the parents must go with the child(ren).....and most of the time unless the child is with only the father...the mother goes ...or whoever is the main nuturer. Hence this is not a gender issue, it is a practical, sensible issue...

If it is just a husband or wife...I think society would see a man as being lesser of a man if he got on the lifeboat and left his wife on the sinking ship.

Personally...we go together or we stay together...

I had the priviledge of doing public relations for Joe Frazier when he was heavyweight champion of the world. He and his manager, at that time, Yancey Durham founded an organization to research Sickle Cell Anemia, and I conducted PR and fundraising events for them.

In addition to being a phenomenal boxer, toe to toe with Ali in every way, he was a gentleman and a pleasure to work with...I was very sad at his passing and will always have a soft spot in my heart for him. They were good times in my career... To answer the question...I'm a Frazier fan ...and always will be!

Jan. 18, 2012, 11:07 a.m.

I do not have a problem with having a gun in the house...however, if you do, you must be responsible about it. Guns must be kept in a safe place where children and minors or angry spouses for that matter DO NOT have access.... Members of our family do have guns, but they do so in a very responsible manner.

Keep the gun and ammo separate....weapons should be kept unloaded, safety on, in a sturdy, securely locked gun safe where only the person owning the guns knows the combination...and if you need it for home security make sure you know how to use it safely and keep it somewhere you only can find it in the case of an emergency...

and by all means take every precaution to keep your guns from being stolen and in the hands of criminals!!!!

Heard about it a few days ago before the blackout...but before then, pretty ignorant of it.

I do enjoy Jeopardy....but Wheel of Fortune brings out the slot player in me, so I have to go with Wheel...

It is in the phrasing...Tell her that you enjoy cooking and wouldn't mind doing ALL the cooking if she didn't mind cleaning up afterwards. And if she expresses a desire to cook once in awhile, let her.

I can't imagine her being insulted if you don't berate her for her lack of culinary skills. Anyway, she's lucky because most women have to both cook and the clean...


Glad you cleared that up, Leo, because I did think this was your posting...LOL

Michael J. Fox rocked Family Ties.

What the hay were they thinking....Hard to believe that they couldn't commission an American sculptor to do a monument for a great American!

This was even sourced wonder we, as a nation, are in the shape we are in!

And they even paraphrased one of MLK's famous quotes on the side of the monument, and in doing so, changed the meaning. I am having a hard time finding this acceptable...

I would rather be in the mall than the hospital..."You can do anything zombies, but lay off of my blue suede shoes"!

I will eat out of the carton ONLY IF I'm finishing up what little is left in the carton. If there is more than one serving left, on principle, I will put it in a bowl.

He is the only reason why we watch the Golden Globes....and was funny again last night, but I thought a bit tamer than last year...he still got his shots in...I think he is a hoot....extremely funny British humor!

By the way, those of you who appreciate Gervais-style humor, see his movie The Invention of Lying....we found it to be not only very creative, but so humorous. Try'll like it.

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