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The Ethics of Singledom at Work

I'm a mid-20s unmarried lady working in a field that often brings me in contact with young, single men. I'm a type of case worker so my job requires me to spend one-on-one time with all kinds of people. I usually just meet with a client once or twice.

I get hit on a lot by my younger male clients, sometimes aggressively. I've never felt unsafe at all, just uncomfortable by the attention. It ranges from asking if I'm single (I am) to compliments about my appearance. I just want to focus on work. 

I would say I'm of average attractiveness, but I am a young woman in a small office. All my co-workers are older married women or men. It happens about 3 or 4 times a month. I love my job, but it's gotten so I dread seeing male names on my calendar.

One of my friends said that a friend of hers wears a fake wedding ring to work and that it weeded out some of the guys. It's a simple and easy solution if it actually works. I'm not sure if lying is worth it. Would I have to suddenly answer questions about a fake husband? What if I meet someone I'm interested in while I'm wearing the ring? What would I say to my coworkers? My boss?

Do you think I should wear a fake wedding ring in an effort to stop getting hit on at work?

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I saw a documentary on this subject once.  I believe the moral of the story was that pretending to be married resulted in hijinks of a hilarious variety. Unless you're aware of the fact that you're a charecter in a romantic comdey, I would recomend against the fake marriage. 

If you're weeding out people you're not likely to see again, the fake ring makes a heck of a lot of sense.

If you're dealing with people you are going to see frequently, you're pretty much setting yourself up for a perpetual episode of Frasier.  Which is nice, but probably more of a pain than just doing the rejections.

I voted "Really Single," but if you decide to go the ring route, I'd slip it on/off just for your interviews.

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