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Potato Sack Racing.....should it be an Olympic event?

Seems to me that the Olympics are loaded with obscure events that don't relate to the average viewer. Who cares about the Hop Step and Jump event other than track & field purists?  Potato Sack racing is both very physical and entertaining to watch. Would such an event make the Olympics more entertaining to you?

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Potato Sack, Yea!
Stay traditional Greek.
Ready, on your mark..Hop!
Was good enough for Zuse!
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I think bowling and badmitton should make it in before potato sack racing.

Badminton already is an Olympic sport.  And a darned entertaining one.

I think the only issue here is having a rich set of international competition for potato sack racing.  Countries that don't eat potatoes as a staple food are at a distinct disadvantage.  Now if we made it rice sack racing, that'd be more inclusive and in the spirit of Olympic competition.

Damn, I think I spelled Zeus wrong in the question. 

Well, we could just make it "Sack Racing".  I think it would be darn entertaining.  Might also think about Horse Shoe Toss, but that one requires large amounts of beer for both audience and participants.

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