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Blind Date Reckoning: Is It Okay To Leave Early?

Almost everyone has been there... you go out on a blind date only to find out that the person you've been set up with is horrible in some way.  You then proceed to spend the rest of the night cursing the fact that you agreed to the date in the first place.

So what do you do? One man in Ohio is in hot water after sneaking out without saying goodbye (or paying his portion of the check).  I know when I've been in this spot, I've tried to be a trooper and suffer through the bad date in an effort to not seem rude and to not hurt the young lady's feelings.

Reckonauts, I beseech you, tell me the best way to handle this situation.  If you're on a bad blind date, do you leave early or do you suffer through it?


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No Point In Staying
Don't Be Rude
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Unless the person is completely obnoxious, find some area of commonality and stay. If you sense that the other person is feeling the same way, you might mention that it's not working so let's call it a day and not waste each others time.

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