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Bow Ties! Do they look awesome, or look doofusy?

Hey look!  It's America's Sweetheart Kanye West™!  And he's wearing a Bow Tie!

Presumably our esteemable colleage is not rushing off to proctor a high school Quiz Bowl, or to teach us all an important lesson about the Krebs Cycle or photosynthesis.  He's here to mean business. Fashion business.

The bowtie has found itself reemerging on the shores of high fashion as a way to look radical in the most staid, conservative way possible.  You presumably don't need to ride a penny-farthing or be the next star of Doctor Who to wear one, but it helps.

Tell me, fellow Reckonauts!  What say you on this whole bow-tie ordeal?  Is this what winners wear, or does a bow tie effectively make a dope on a rope?


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Kanye can't pull it off, whether he's wallking down Park Avenue or interrupting Taylor Swift. Matt Smith rocks that sucker across all Space and Time, whether he's fighting Daleks or staring down Stone Angels. 

How can you be radical and staid and conservative at the same time? 


I see a  bow tie and immediately think Peewee Herman. 

I see a bow tie on this dude with tan shoes and think...Peewee Herman.

Why do people think it's always necessary to change fashion status quo? Surely it couldn't be the designer/fashion industry dictating all of this?

I feel it depends on the person wearing it. Some people can pull it off and it looks really hip. Others, as Kathy said, look like Peewee Herman or Urkle.

For example if Matt Damon, Brad Pitt or Leo DiCaprio wore a bow tie it would look cool, I think. I'm not a big Kanye fan, but I think with the rest of the outfit, he looks hip....It's a statement!

I like bowties. Bowties are cool.

Sigh. Someone had to do it.

Sally, so are Fezzes.

Have to admit that generally I think bow-ties are cool, but only on those who's age and stature can support it.  

Just yesterday the gentleman in the seat in front of me on a flight from Atlanta had a bow-tie - he turned out to be a professor at American University.  It looked authentic on him, as it does on Glenn "Hurricane" Shwartz, the local Philly NBC meteorologist.

On Kanye and others of his age group - it looks like they're pretenders


I think bowties look silly.  But then, I'm hardly a major arbiter of style. 

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