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Help me plan my loooong day!

I have a loooong day coming up at the end of the week--I'll leave the house at 7.20am and I'll be on the go until about 11 pm. With one exception: I have 3 unscheduled hours in the middle of the day. I will definitely be eating lunch in this time, but I will also have time to do one other thing. What should that thing be, Reckonauts--a nap or exercise?

Some givens: 

  • This activity has to give me enough energy to get through until the end of the day
  • I will be at home in between things, so I will have access to both my own bed and my shower.
  • Naps done early enough in the day don't necessarily leave me groggy for the rest of the day, provided I have enough time to wake up naturally. For me, this usually means a 50-90 minute nap.
  • Let's assume from start to finish this activity will take 2 hours--including prep time (change to exercise clothes or fall asleep) and recover time (wake up, put myself back together or shower and get dressed again).


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Reckoning Comments!

I went with nap because I know that you're a non-groggy napper -- I've seen it first hand.  I'm amazed by it, actually.  A 90 minute nap usually leaves me so grogged out that I might've as well just stayed asleep until the next morning.

I'd go for the nap. a 20 minute nap rejuvenates me big time. But not everyone has the same circadian rhythm. If you take too long of a nap, it could work against you. I've napped for many years and it always works for me. 

But, everyone's different. I say go with your instinct of the day and the moment. and take in consideration the amount of time you slept the day prior. Your body balances sleep needs constantly.

Don't forget to set your alarm time and try not to be assaulted on the park bench! LOL



The Reckoner!