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Long Car Trip- Plan Stopping Points or Stop When The Mood Strikes?

When on a long road trip, let's say 6-8 hours, it's a really good idea to get out of the car every once in awhile. Obviously you can't plan everything--like when you need a bathroom break or gas--but do you make a point of planning places to stop and stretch your legs or grab a bite, or do you wait until you need a break and then search for a place?

We always stop when the mood strikes, and this sometimes gets us into trouble. Just when we've decided to stop, THERE IS NO PLACE TO PULL OVER and then we go much longer without food than is advisable or a long time uncomfortably shifting to alleviate our bladder conditions. On the other hand, planning ahead of time seems useless--there are so many things we can't account for like traffic or when we'll need a coffee to keep driving.

Yes, we bring snacks, sometimes this isn't enough.

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