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Panic 2010 Style: Bedbugs in the hotel-should we change our travel plans?

My colleague and I are attending a conference and sharing a room. We booked the hotel months ago, and we leave Wed April 16th (a little more than a week). She just found out that the hotel had a bedbug outbreak about a week ago. We are staying at a national chain, but this happened to the same hotel where we would be staying. She called them and management assured her that this would all be taken care of by the time we arrived, which will be about 2 1/2 weeks since the outbreak.

She's spooked and wants to cancel our reservation and go to a different hotel just to be on the safe side. I did a search and wherever we go is going to be more expensive and farther from the conference site. My feeling is that we run the risk of bedbugs wherever we go, and at least this place is aware of and is taking care of the problem--we're probably actually safer here than in another hotel.

What do you think? Should we re-book?

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Panic 2010 Style: Bedbugs in the hotel-should we change our travel plans?

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Bedbugs are a pandemic everywhere now. I'd feel safer in that hotel since they are admitting the problem and are taking care of it, rather than go to a hotel you'll find out after you stayed there that they have bedbugs. I'd ask them what they are doing to remedy the situation. New beds? fumigation? I'd worry about the toxicity, so find out how far in advance they are bombing the room. Even the best most upscale hotels have bedbugs. When you get to the room, examine the mattresses under the cording where they hide. Get some natural bug spray and spray your body before going to bed. Then drink lots of vodka.


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