The Reckoner!

Which awesome non-functional movie car would you rather have? The Back to the Future DeLorean, or Ghostbusters' Ecto-1?

To heck with normal cars.  I'm sure you're A-OK with your Honda Accord or your Elantra or whatever, but it's time to spice things up a little bit.  To get your hands on the shin-bone of life and just drink the marrow out of that sucker.

I've got a car dealership, and it's only got two cars on the lot.  Congratulations friend, you're the first one to show up today, so you get to take one of them home for free.‚Äč

On the left side of the lot is the pride of Hill Valley, California -- Doc Brown's old DeLorean DMC-12, shining in its stainless steel splendor.  It looks just like the real thing.  If you get in it, you've got a flux capacitor and about nine-trillion seven-segment LEDs staring you in the face.  Also that little alarm clock that Marty uses to let him know when to make that final run to 88 miles per hour.

On the right side of the lot is the pride of Harlem -- Ray Stantz's freshly renovated Ecto-1.  Its tailfins flash a splendorous red, the red of champions.  The top is loaded down with miscellaneous equipment, the siren, and comes with the optional electronic message board if you're a Ghostbusters 2 kinda guy.  I'll throw that one in for free.

Note that the equipment on these cars is NON-FUNCTIONAL.  You can drive 'em anywhere you like, but you're not going to be traveling back in time or busting any ghosts in 'em.  They just look uncannily like the real thing.

Tell me this, dear Reckonauts -- which car do you drive off the lot?  That bitchin' DeLorean, or the just-as-bitchin' tricked-out 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor?

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Reckoning Comments!

One quick note: the Delorean is in its 'Back To The Future 1' trim, which means that where you're going, you'll still need roads.

In spite of it actually being a hearse, Ecto-1 all the way.

Now, if you could throw in a couple of hoverboards with that DeLorean...

This is the single hardest decision I've had to make in my entire life! It's like Sophie's Choice! There is no right answer! Either way I can only think about what I gave up!!

This is really a tough decision, but I went with the Ecto-1 because my dad owned a 1959 Cadillac bright yellow with those big tail fins in the rear. I was just a child, but I still remember it, and it brings back many good memories. It would be a hoot to drive that hot mess of a vehicle: however, it was really hard to not vote for the DeLorean. That would be tons of fun as well!!!!

Fah- this is a no-brainer. Ecto-1 for the win! The DeLorean looks like what it is: an undesirable sports car jerry-rigged by a poor mad scientist. The Ecto-1, on the other hand, looks like it MEANS BUSINESS. No screwing around, dude - we are busting ghosts. And pickin' up wimmin.

This one has come out of the gate close.  I too had a Sophie's Choice moment in thinking about this one.  Sweet Hackenschmidt, how can one choose?

The Reckoner!