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Worries you more: hurricane or tornado heading to your area?

A hurricane heading to your community will certainly cause major widespread damage. A tornado is more focused but can cause severe damage in a more focused way. Which news would you dread more?

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Damage we'll survive.
Might leave us untouched.
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Reckoning Comments!

Hurricanes are huge and predictable -- the news is blanketed with coverage for days beforehand, and there's plenty of time to panic, recollect yourself, evacuate or batten down the hatches, then panic again as it lumbers its way up.  By the time it actually hits, it can almost seem anticlimactic (right up until the point where you find that your house now has a tree in it).

Tornadoes go from "ordinary day" to "I just got impaled by the errant axle of an eighteen wheeler" in about fifteen minutes.  That's a downer.

The Reckoner!