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Skype or Google Voice/Video chat?

As far as I can tell these are identical products.  Assuming the internet is gradually crowding the phone out of your life, which one do you use more/prefer?

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Google Voice/Video
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Reckoning Comments!

I use Google Voice, mostly because it's free when calling phone lines.  The audio quality appears to be about the same, and I otherwise find them indistinguishable.

Skype does do desktop sharing, which I do quite frequently on ReckonLabs business.  But that's a special case, and not enough to tip my vote.

I did once have a collection of Skype credit.  Then it expired.  Apparently the minutes went bad.  Because they spoil, you know, if you don't keep them in a cool, dry place.

Am I the only one who doesn't like staring at the face of the person I'm talking to? (And in turn having them stare back at me?)  I find the whole idea very uncomfortable, and a bit of an overshare.  

Interesting.  If anyone is still reading this, can you explain the appeal of Skype to me?

The Reckoner!