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Community Community Squabble-Should Chevy Chase Be Fired from the NBC Sitcom?

Since the announcement on Sunday (yes, April Fools Day) that Chevy Chase and Community creator and showrunner Dan Harmon are having an epic feud on a set that many like to imagine as one big happy study group family, the Community Community has taken sides.

What actually happened seems to be a lot of yelling and cursing in public settings (or via a recording that was then leaked online).  Dan Harmon doesn't come across as innocent in this fight, but that hasn't stopped legions of fans from declaring loyalty and a backlash against Chevy that seems larger than an on set fight merits.

Maybe the problem is Chevy's dismal reputation as a human being, in part thanks to Live From New York in which he comes across terribly by not only the SNL cast members of his own era, but later casts who were present when he hosted. But more the point, fans hate his character, Pierce Hawthorne, who many feel is the least interesting of the main cast. 

Running counter to that are fans who feel like if the Pierce character is written off the show, there won't be as a much conflict or tension in the study group, which could get incredibly tedious.  Not to mention those who just think Harmon was wrong to leak the voicemail.

The show is picking up steam, after the huge fan outcry when NBC put the show on hiatus, fans are putting their money where their mouth is--numbers are up and still climbing with subsequent episodes.

Would firing Chevy upset this delicate balance? Is it work the risk? Leaving contracts and lawyers aside, do you think he should be fired?

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I'm one of the evil folks who would probably like Community, but doesn't actually watch it.  Yes, folks, if Community gets the ax, it's probably my fault.

Speaking of Live From New York, the fascinating thing about that book is how every cast has a horror story about the week Chevy hosted.  You've got Bill Murray getting in a fistfight with him, then fifty pages later it's Tim Kazurinsky saying "Chevy, God, what a dick!", then another fifty pages later it's Terry Sweeney saying "Chevy, God, what a dick!", then another fifty pages later it's Jon Lovitz saying "Chevy, God, what a dick!", and then it finally wraps up with Will Ferrell saying "Chevy, God, what a dick!".  That's impressive consistency!

I agree with Dan. Chevy has such as a bad reputation as being a major jerk that it is hard not to be judgemental in thinkiing that he is probably a big dick on the set of Community as well. I have only watched the show a couple of times and really didn't care for his character.

I will just remember him as the loveable, laughable Clark Griswold.

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