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Is Bottled Water a Scam?

Bottled water--we all drink it sometimes. Sure, it's better than soda. And there are many places in the world where it is better than what comes out of the faucet. But for your average American, is it actually any better than tap or are we paying for the bottle?

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I've never had a cavity, despite my lassitude when it comes to vigilant dental care.


Tap water, baby.  Pure, Philadelphia tap water.  Come on, folks.  It's potable and free.

The only scam is when people take tap water and sell it in bottles advertising it as "pure spring water'.  Otherwise, no.  Have you looked at your city's latest water report?  There's a lot more than flouride in there.

Also, there's the convenience of being able to carry bottled water around, especially if you're outdoors and no faucet or water fountain is handy.

Last, but not least, if someone's willing to spend a $1.25 for a soda pop, what's wrong with spending it on bottled water, instead?

I've found that Dollar General sells a brand of "sparkling water" (carbonated water) that I like.  It's flavored, and sweetened with sucralose instead of sugar.  It's a great alternative, especially during the summer.

I don't love the taste of water straight from the tap, except the Croton ambrosia you can get in NYC.  

But buying bottled water seems very wasteful.  So my Brita is overworked and underpaid.  

I only buy bottled water if I'm suspect of the tap water. Where we live, it is well water, but I heard that many years ago there were chemicals dumped in the ground, far away but close enough to still have contaminated the underground water supply- water travels. Even though it has been tested, I still have a mistrust.

The either/or question isn't accurate. Tap isn't fine and bottled isn't necessarily better. You have to google the source of the bottled water you're drinking. Some comes directly from tap water. I'm pretty sure Nestle's is one of the scam artists. 

There is an abundance of information out now about the dangers of flouride in water. That's in your tap water. And it IS toxic.

I just learned that our water in OCNJ is actually from the purest sources, yet when it gets to our immediate city, it's filled with chemical toxins as a standard procedure. (from the Home Depot appliance guy, and I'm sure he's correct) 

So I never drink from the tap and I research the source from the bottled water.

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