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Are you going to eat less sugar?

This past week there have been major stories and TV shows labeling sugar as "toxic" to humans.  They claim that sugar is the cause of everything from heart disease to cancer.  It has long been known that sugar is not great for you... empty calories causing people to gain an unhealthy amount of weight... but these stories take the "sugar is bad for you" claim to a new level.

How will you react to these new stories?

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I'm assuming by major stories, we're talking about coverage like this:

If that's the case, I'd say the key pull-quote is this:

It's important to highlight that we get ourselves into trouble whenever we focus on one dietary attribute exclusively and ignore all the rest," says nutrition scientist Dr. David Katz, the well-regarded founding director of Yale University Prevention Research Center. Although Katz agrees that an excess of sugar -- fructose or any other form -- is harmful and that it’s wise to limit it in the diet, he adds, “It's not sugar that's the poison, but the dose that makes the poison."

I actually feel that I'm fine on the whole "sugar moderation" thing.  Do you know why?  I don't drink soda.  That's the killer.  XKCD said it best:

Meh, nothing new being said.  Cutting out soda pop is good.  Cutting back on prepackaged foods of all kinds is also good, because practically every one of them will have added sugar of some kind.  Even some canned vegetables have sugar added.

But I'm not giving up sweetened iced tea!


There are many foods that have sugar added to them that really don't need to as far as I am concerned. This is why I check label ingredients on everything that I purchase.

I don't need sugar in my tomato sauce, or in my bread or in my vegetables or even on my fruit! By cutting out all unnecessary sugar in my diet, I have lost about five pounds in three weeks. But, of course, I don't drink soda, eat any candy and keep away as much as possible from cakes, pies and ice cream.

The underlying, important reason about the sugar deal is that it feeds cancer and any pathogens in a person's body. Just to say that sugar isn't good for you gets the basic ho-hum from people as evidenced here.

Oncologists continue to be ignorant about the fact that sugar feeds cancer and continue to tell patients who have lost so much weight from chemo to eat it to keep their weight up, when in fact they are contributing to a negative outcome as a result. Fungus is implicated in cancer, and sugar feeds fungus. 

Any child with diaper rash actually has candida albicans fungus, which feeds off of sugar in milk and juice, which are staples in the baby bottle. 

You give any kid sugar and it's guaranteed that any 'bug' they might be harboring will be a fat cat being fed from sugar and wreaking havoc on their health.

Also, when you talk about, "everything in moderation", well, that might have been the issue years ago, but today, high fructose corn syrup is in just about all processed foods, so if you eat them, moderation goes flying out the window. It all adds up.

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