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Selling Things Online: Worth The Hassle?

A few days ago, I tried to sell a concert ticket on Craigslist.  (I was too close to the concert to sell it on Stubhub.)  Despite getting a few nibbles, I, ultimately, wasn't able to sell the ticket because several potential "buyers" were being unreasonable. 

This made me realize that, save for selling a baseball ticket or two on Stubhub, I've had far more bad experiences than good selling things online. Whether it's been Ebay, Craigslist, or any number of other websites, I've almost always found that selling things online is more hassle than it's worth.  Between the scammers and the nutjobs, real "buyers" seem to be few and far between.

Am I in the minority here Reckonauts?  Do you like selling things online?  Or am I right that it's a pain in the neck?

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My experiences have been pretty much the same as yours.  Selling things on StubHub is easy because there's really no negotiation going on -- you list the tickets with a price, and then either somebody buys them and they disappear, or nobody buys them and they don't.

On Craigslist, everybody thinks of themselves as Ralphie's Dad from A Christmas Story.  I've found the only approach that works is to basically say to yourself: I would give these away for free, but I might as well see if I can get SOMETHING for them.  Expecting anything above *free* always seems to lead to heartache.

In case anyone is curious about my ticket woes.  The closest I got to selling it (for below the face value I might add) was a person who wanted to show up 2 hours into the concert.  Nothing says worthwhile transaction like having to fight the crowd to get out of the venue, stand out in the cold while trying to find the mystery person, and then having to fight the crowd to get back into the venue.  

All in all, it was almost as bad as the guy who was "interested" in buying some of my furniture who showed up and told me how ugly it all was.  

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