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Do you typically watch television shows when they air or catch them later?

Many of you Reckonauts are well acquainted with our decision here at Reckoner Central to give up cable. But that doesn't mean I've given up keeping up with a couple TV shows--I just watch them online later.

Almost everything is available online to stream in the days or weeks following an airing on television (why you gotta be the only hold out, Top Chef?). But even when we had cable, I caught most new shows On Demand after the air date, preferring not to let my schedule be dictated by television programming. Sure, there was the occasional ritual--Sunday night's Mad Men night in America--but those were exceptions, not the rule.

Articles and the internet keep telling me this is the general trend of the future and that soon it won't matter what kind of rating numbers get brought in during the initial broadcast, but what kind of views something racks up in other ways. Let's test that out. 

Do you typically watch most new television shows when they first air or later via DVR, OnDemand, Hulu, or some other device?

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Morning coffee, morning news. It's kinda like a pablum, a blankie, a binkie for adults.

If you're home, and you have a favorite elixer to start/get you though the day, and it includes the morning news, by all means, let it happen.

I'm for getting the news when I have the time to do it, but that doesn't undermine the person who is able to get it all when it happens. 

As long as you get it, it doesn't matter when you get it. 

What matters is what you do with it when you get it.

Judging by the strong response in favor of time-shifted viewing, TV studios and networks need to rethink how they analyze the success or failure of any given show. 

I've got a general idea when the shows I watch are on, but I watch almost everything at some other point in time on the DVR. 

What's the last real must-see TV? American Idol

I'm astonished at how one-sided this has been so far.  Cable providers should be rubbing the fur off of the lucky rabbit's foot that is sports programming, because that's the only thing that's going to keep them in business.

I want to watch shows on MY schedule, not their schedule.  It's also very convenient to be able to pause an online show, like a dvd, for bathroom breaks, snacks, or the occasional emergency that comes up. I don't want to miss anything.


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