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Dessert Pronunciation Battle? Is Sherbet pronounced 'SHER-BET' or 'SHER-BERT'?

American Sherbet is delicious.  It takes the best of Water Ice and the best of ice cream and jams them together in one delightful fruity concoction.  I'm a fan.

But here's the thing -- I have no idea what to actually call it.  Seeing as how it's closely related to European Sorbet (which is the same thing, sans the touch of dairy), and seeing that there's only 'R' in 'sherbet', it seems like it should be pronounced SHER-BET.

But 'round these parts, it seems a lot more likely to be called SHER-BERT, as if it was a romantic pairing between Cher and Bert from Sesame Street.  Don't ask me where that second 'R' comes from, I have no idea.

Tell me, dear Reckonauts -- how do you pronounce Sherbet?

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But for me, it's ice cream FTW!

I can't choose a vote on this one, according to the dictionary, they are both correct, as well as having sorbet. This was an argument my fiancee' got into with my mother... oh the horror! I may just avoid all three and I will just point to it on the menu from now on.

I say sherbert, but technically it should be pronounced sherbet, I guess.

Who cares...It tastes great whatever the pronunciation.

It's Sherbert, Herbert, and the next person won't say Sher-bet, I'll bet!

Why?  I guess because it's easier to say.


It is actually Sherbet pronounced sher-bit(rymes with hermit) not that I care how anyone says it:)

So funny! Sher and Bert from Sesame Street! 

So, I THINK I usually say SherBERT. Or is it, "sure BET". The English peeps I know usually pronounce things as the spelling dictates, which is comical to me to hear, so if sherBET was originally French pronounced, "Sher-BAY", that ended there anyway and could even originally been SORBET or SHERBAY! 

Anyway, my fav used to be the orange sherbet/sherbert (sure bet/ cher-bert) with vanilla ice-cream. Like a cream-sickel (or it it a cream-SICLE?)

Look THAT one up! LOL

Wow, wrote too fast to spell correctly on that post.

Hey Reckonbot, can we get some kind of post editing ability?

It's coming, it's coming. ;)

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