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Another Work Dress Etiquette Question -- Summer Edition

On the first day of spring, it feels like summer! Which gives me the chance to ask a question that I debate over every year:

Is it inappropriate in the work place for bra straps to show?

I know in some places (schools, formal office environments, etc) the answer is yes. But I work in a casual office environment where some people wear t-shirts and jeans and others wear cute office skirts and cardigans. It's confusing. In the winter I fall somewhere in between (cardigan and jeans?).

But in the summer, my standard outfit is tank top and jeans or skirt or sleeveless dress. Sometimes my bra straps are hidden, often they are not.

Should I be taking extra pains to make sure they are hidden while at work? Assume now I make no effort.

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Another Work Dress Etiquette Question -- Summer Edition

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Visible bra-straps is the equivalent of flip-flops.  If you wouldn't wear flip-flops to the office, then I wouldn't do the visible bra-strap thing either.

Incidentally, I hate flip-flops.

I may be old fashioned, but bra straps shouldn't be visible especially in a professional setting. I don't care how informal it is.

I agree with Dan and Linda on this one.  Chances are if your blouse is such that the straps would easily show, then the blouse itself it probably not appropriate for a work environment - at least not the environments I work in.

Eh, this is a tough call. Not knowing just what your job is. If you work in an office where you aren't seen by the public and only co-workers wearing t-shirts, who cares? It's not a professional environment. 

I personally don't like the strap thingie showing, but younger people today don't seem to have that hang up and it is seemingly more acceptable among peers.

But given that I don't know what you do? I mean if you're a dog groomer or an answering system employee or something such, it's up to you. But if you're in the public view, don't do the strap thingie.

BTW they have these awesome decorative bra straps for strapless bras that might solve your dilemma. 

I agree that it depends on the setting. Are you working at a farm, dog kennel, or warehouse? Go for it! But I personally wouldn't wear anything that shows my bra straps in an office environment, regardless of how casual. 

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