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Should we leave the East Coast for San Francisco?

We are a couple in our twenties.  We are either married or damn close.  Right now we live in one of the large cities on the east coast and like it pretty OK.

Last Friday her job offered her a transfer to their San Francisco office.  Two years ago, San Francisco was our dream city and we probably would have been there by Sunday morning.  But things are a little different now, and it's an increasingly thorny decision.  

We began assembling a Google doc listing our reasons, and the realized that The Reckoner is much better for this type of thing.  Please look over our thought process and help us. 

Our Google Doc is pasted below in toto, with identifying details redacted. 


  • Proximity to [SNAKE MOUNTAIN] may mean more opportunities for [HE-MAN] to use the [SKULL-CRUSHING] knowledge he has accumulated here in some professional capacity.
  • [SHE-RA] would (might) be happier with her work which is important to [HE-MAN].
  • It would be a new experience in a pretty location.  We could go on lots of trips up and down the coast. 
  • Relatively close to [KING RANDOR] and [QUEEN MARLENA].  We could probably see them every couple of months if we wanted to.  (It costs $50 each way to fly.)
  • [HE-MAN] likes the beach. 


  • Job prospects for [SHE-RA] in both locations are probably equal but prospects but staying put would make taking [GRAYSKULL ENTRANCE EXAM] easier, which would make it easier to move to [CASTLE GRAYSKULL] eventually, which is where we both have expressed desire to live.


  • [HE-MAN] doesn’t like the vibe of San Francisco.  Mostly the whole pretentious foodie/winey/Alice Waters stuff.  Also he can’t relate to techie/Silicon Valley people. 
  • Virtually no friends live out there, we would very rarely see our east coast friends
  • Virtually no family lives out there except [KING RANDOR] and [QUEEN MARLENA].
  • Difficult logistics of cross-country move, it would be especially hard on our poor [PET LIONS].
  • Probably more driving/higher gas prices/probably higher car insurance.  According to Rush Limbaugh California is getting ready to ban black cars because they’re less fuel efficient. 
  • Depressing--Golden Gate Bridge #1 suicide location in the world.

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This one is as tough as nails, and a great question.

Personally, I have something of a hard time being objective about San Francisco because:

  • I love the city.  Our last major vacation was there, and when we planned our next major vacation, our decision was almost to go back, in lieu of anywhere else on the 500 million square kilometers of the planet Earth.
  • am one of those Silicon Valley techie people, so this represents something of a professional Valhalla.

At the same time, I've also lived on the East Coast my entire life, and moving out that way would mean leaving everything, friends, family, Snake Mountain, all of it -- so I can understand the difficulty.

You're young and you don't have any kids yet, so you're in the best position for adventure that you'll ever be.  Once you've got kids, packing up and moving everyone just becomes that much more of an ordeal, so now's the chance to take a risk like this, see if it works out, and chalk it up as a fun life experience if you decide it isn't working out two years from now.

Also, if this is somebody I know, I'm selfishly using this to justify taking another trip to SF in the near future.

I'm not sure who put in all the He-Man references (Has Reckonbot been watching reruns of 80's cartoons?), but this may be my favorite Reckoning ever.  

I heart Battlecat.

I love you both dearly and would hate to see you go. But I agree with Dan - the opportunity to take a huge leap is one that comes rarely in life.

It's not like you're moving to a different country. Flights aren't THAT expensive. [She-Ra's] high school bestie will be in Denver.

But ultimately if you want to be in [Castle Grayskull], do what you need to get you there.

Neeraja, why don't you just pour a quart of Mountain Dew all over Anonybot's delicate circuitry?

The Reckoner!