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I Got Dumped After Six Months Because "Something Wasn't There". Should I press the issue?

I thought we had a good relationship going.  Dating for six months.  Seeing each other at least three times a week.  Same hobbies, same interests, good chemisty, good time in bed.  No obvious problems.

He just dumped me, however, saying that the relationship wasn't "progressing as it should", and that "something just wasn't there".  I was just gobsmacked, it came entirely out of the blue, and now I'm not quite sure what to do.  I'm not entirely sure what he meant by this -- I was dumbstruck enough that I just said goodbye and haven't contacted him since, but it's been about all I can think about over the past two days since it happened.

Now I'm wondering if I should press the issue somehow to at least get a better answer about what the problem was.  Who knows, maybe this is all reconcilable?

Should I just let this go and move on with my life, as painful as it is?  Or should I contact him and try to figure out what happened, and maybe find a way to fix whatever was broken with our relationship?

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Generally, in situations of the heart like this, 'Let it Go' is almost always the right answer.  You can hammer out the kinks in the functional part of a relationship, but you really can't hammer out the kinks in the 'love' part of a relationship -- it's either there or it's not.  

Doesn't sound like it's there for him.  There's not much you can do.

Let it Go..Sorry, but he's just not in to you.

Definitely "Let It Go".  There are plenty of other fish in the sea, and you can't waste your time wondering what you may or may not have done, or could have done differently. 

Just accept that for whatever reason he wasn't the one and move on. 

Watch the movie, "he's just not into you" Cuz he's not. let it go.

I would want to know, even if not to patch that relationship, or I'd always wonder.  And who knows, maybe you'll learn something about yourself or how you're perceived.

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