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Just How Bad Is Your Fear of Heights?

Now let's be clear. No one is forcing you on this hike. Your life doesn't depend on it, no one is behind you with a gun like you're Indiana Jones.

A friend or family member or guy you've had a crush on forever suggests that this would be a fun weekend activity. We'll imagine for the moment, that you live close enough to a place like this where that would be possible as opposed to the folks in the picture who clearly have large packs on.

Do you go or do you keep your feet on the ground and suggest a trip to a flower farm instead?

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I get the willies just looking at pictures of heights let alone actually being there.  I'm never comfortable in tall buildings yet have no problem flying in even very small aircraft with a thin aluminum door. Go figure.

This would not be my idea of fun. Though I don't fear heights if I am in an enclosure like a cable car or in a tall building surrounded by glass windows, I do not like to be just out there like this photo walking on a ledge.

I'd do it if I had to, but I would have to be dragged into it.


I think it was inside the El Duomo in Florence, Italy that I made the defining decision not to be influenced by bravery and group comaraderie. when I ascended the stone steps only wide enough for one anorexic individual and certain sexual experience if someone was coming down at the same time. I opted to declare loudly that I'm gonna meet you all down at the street where I'll watch the artists and have a gelato. 

I lived in a high rise apt in NYC until age 11 and we (our friends) used to go up to the roof and look down. I had to lie down to look over.

Remember that 'earthquake' originating in the Virginia area last year? I happened to be on a 10' aluminum ladder when it hit. I thought it was a boat slamming into the docks, but my stomach queazed nonetheless.

I can't even imagine how mentally challenged people are who are rock climbers. What's up with that? Really scary. there's a guy who is like in his 20's who is famous for climbing the highest and most inwardly CURVED mountains WITHOUT A SAFETY BELT. I just don't get it. Even if he does have pod-like fingertips (developed by his efforts) you gotta just scratch your head at that. Well, I guess it's better than kids being on drugs..........but I'd hate to be his mom.

Not so sure I have a fear of heights as much as I have a fear of falling from really high places :)

I'm still trying to figure out how the path in the picture was made


That's a good line -- I think I may borrow it.  ;)

The walkway itself is the Caminito del Rey in Spain.  It was built at the turn of the last century by running rebar across stantions etched in the cliff face (which you can see peeking out in the image above).  Most of it has collapsed, as has the sanity of all those who venture on it.

There could be ten naked virgins at the top of that mountian with a million cash all for me, and I would not even blink. No way I am walking on that thing.

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