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Two Men With No Name. One is Mifune, one is Eastwood. Who was the bigger badass?

A stranger wanders into town.  He's a ronin.  A samurai with no master.  A gunfighter with no allegiances.  The town itself is a dangerous place, split between two rival gangs who spend most of their time plotting and killing.  The stranger plays both sides against the middle, partly to make a fortune, partly for entertainment, partly to destroy them both.  The gangs eventually figure out what's going on, but they never figure out that you do not mess with the stranger.  The stranger then badasses them all to death.

That's the plot for Yojimbo (1961).  That's also the plot for A Fistful of Dollars (1964).  The former had Toshiro Mifune.  The latter had Clint Eastwood.  They both could be renamed Profiles in Badassery.

But for whatever reason, I feel compelled to figure out who was the bigger badass.  Science has not evolved to the point where it can measure badassery precisely, so we'll need the Reckoner to get to the bottom of this.

Tell me, who was the bigger badass?  Toshiro Mifune's Ronin, or Clint Eastwood's Gunfighter?

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Incidentally, those pictures make it look like either shit is about to get real, or Hollywood has created the greatest buddy cop movie ever.

Add in any one of the original Seven Samurai and you are in business.  The ass-kicking business.  

I'm not an eye-fluttering fan of Eastwood. Way too cutesy and sure of himself for me. And honey, he hasn't aged all that well either, given the fact that his statement once was something like, "why would I be with a wrinkled woman when I can have a young chick". I don't entirely disagree with the premise. It makes total sense to me, but it goes both ways. He's like wrinkle city and makes tons of money. If he didn't, he wouldn't get the unwrinkled chicks, plain and simple.

In fairness, he could be a very deep person, but all I know is what the tabloids tell me when I check out at the supermarket.

Now that I got that off my wrinkled chest, I'm gonna vote for the badass ronin. Just as a matter of principle :-) Never saw the dude, but he has my vote.

The Reckoner!