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It's a win if it makes you crack up or go "awwww." It's a fail if it makes you idly think about calling child services. 

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He's definitely the king of park when he gets on his Big Wheel, that's for sure.  Adorable.

i'm ok with everything but the "facial hair".  shouldn't do that to your baby. 

Really cute, and he's laughing isn't he? Got to get him watching American Chopper soon.

via "results breakdown", i see dan and both his parents voted in favor of this.  also, sally posted it.

based on this i am going to suggest that this is a baby picture of dan., this is not our little Dan. However, I think this is really cute especially as a Halloween outfit, and it is a lot better than the bare-butt baby pictures parents trot out of their children, when they become teenagers, to embarass the heck out of them!

Well, obviously, this poor chlld is a victim of scary parents. I'm sorry, but I don't see this as cute. On one side of the coin, he could have the most awesome parents in the world, but on the other side? what chance are you giving your child in life with this sh*t? You need to get informed about what it takes to help your child succeed in life, and dude? this ain't part of it. If you are into the harley davidson shit, then just know you are not doing your child any favors in live.

You asked. I'm answering.

I said Live, but meant to say LIFE.


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