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Strike one for hedonism!

There's only whole milk or skim milk on the shelf! What do you buy?

I've been a 1% milk man for most of my life.  When I'm feeling particularly sinful, I go for 2%, and luxuriate in that rich butterfat goodness.  Guiltily, I might add.

Yesterday, my local bodega was completely bereft of such compromise options.  No 1%.  No 2%.  All gone.  There was just whole milk and skim.

Now, I'm not about to walk a whole block just to get the milk I want, so I ended up getting the skim.  I then put it on my cereal and realized that it tasted not altogether different from if I had just run my cereal under the tap for a while.

Let me ask you this, dear Reckonauts!  If it's down to whole milk or skim, which do you walk out of that bodega with?


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Whole Milk!
Live the high life, baby!
Ration the high life out!
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Reckoning Comments!

And no, walking down to the other bodega down the block just isn't an option​ in this case.  I may not have been wearing any shoes at the time.

Definitely whole milk. Skim is not an option. Just as you said, Dan, might as  well put water on your cereal. YUK! A little bit of fat once in a while will not kill anyone...

I drink milk a lot, and when trying to lose weight, rather than give it up, I tried skim. Turned out I actually like skim just as much as 1%. And 2% is almost too rich for me now. I've never been able to stomach how rich whole milk is.

2% is the way to fly in my house. That said, I'd sooner drink whole than skim. Skim makes me sad. :(

Skim is pretty much just white water.  Regular milk tastes like cream on your cereal.  Treat yourself to the creamy luxury.  The 1% will be back soon enough.

Unless you're a milk freak, for the amount of milk you drink in coffee, it really doesn't matter. If you are a milk freak, you should stop being a milk freak. Lo fat or skim usually means added sugar, so go for the fat. But realistically, it should only be organic milk to avoid the pesticides and hormones. But no milk is the better choice, actually. It's all pasturized and boiled to the point of non-nutritional value, so it really doesn't matter. Unless it's organic, all kinds of seriously horrific germs and toxins are involved. You get the pseudo-comfort of adding milk to your already horrific genetically modified cereal or acidic coffee from Wawa, so what does it really matter to you? 

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