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Would you rather have a cake that looks amazing but just tastes OK or a cake that looks a mess but tastes great?

When all of those cake-making shows like Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss were a big hit a few years ago, I always wondered if they benefited from the fact that they were on television where we could all look but not taste. Everyone gasped when the cake was brought in with its fancy fondant, but no one really seemed as enthusiastic about the taste.

And I know those cakes are pretty expensive. Which made me wonder: when it comes down to it, would you rather the dramatic appeal of something that looks amazing but just tastes ok or something that looks not so great, but tastes amazing?

Let's up the stakes and imagine this is at a wedding or huge retirement party or 50th anniversary or something like that rather than just an ordinary celebration with cake.

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The cake on the right looks delicious.  I'd eat that thing in a second.

The cake on the left looks like it would taste like it was made out of Super Sculpey.  It may very well actually be made out of Super Sculpey.  It's beautiful, but I've got to admit that I rank aesthetic elements pretty far down my Official Cake Evaluation Checklist.

I got to go with the taste. The fancy one on the left looks like a work of art that you wouldn't want to cut in to let alone eat it!

It's not like you're going to let the pretty cake sit there forever.  Edible over pretty any day.

Truthfully, fondant does not taste good. I make my own out of marchmallows, and it was better, but still not great.

All my cakes have looked like a mutant version of the leaning tower of pizza, but they were all natural ingredients, so they were a yum for me. 

I voted for taste, but as I think about it, that's only for home consumption.  If it's really a special occasion of some kind, and you're going to have people for it, then you've got to give some consideration to how it looks--it's not just for eating, it's part of the decorations.

A lot of weddings now have 2 cakes--make the groom's cake delicious, but make the main cake decorative.

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