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Do you often find yourself annoyed by websites that automatically begin playing music or making noise when you load them?

...because you're already listening to or concentrating on something else.

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Sweet Enola Gay, sites that do that -- or have ads that automatically play sound -- are just as bad as sites that had auto-playing MIDIs in 1998.

Of course, in mentioning sites with auto-playing MIDIs, I've gone and made myself nostalgic for something that I hate-hate-hated at the time.  "Pain from an old wound" and all that.

When I was still new to the Web, it was a neat trick to have music start playing automatically on a site.  But as the internet became more important and more useful, auto-music is just another drag on getting in, getting the info, and surfing to somewhere else.

Those autoplay videos are almost as bad, although some will play the video with the sound off unless you click to turn the sound on.

This should get added to the list of things that should not appear on websites made after the year 2000, along with frames, splash pages, and scrolling text.  

lol i wasn't expecting such a landslide.  in fairness, i was also thinking of news links that automatically start playing video when you're expecting text only.  does that change anything?  why am i suddenly wondering if my GeoCities page is still active?

The Reckoner!