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What Is My Responsibility Here?

I teach at a community college. This question involves two people: another professor at the college I know a little bit socially (J) and a student (M). She is 18. I do know J, I don't know M personally. I heard this story from a student who sometimes does work in the department office, he knows M and has taken a class with J.

The rumor I heard went that a few weeks ago, J invited M over and they smoked pot together, they both got high, then she drove home (still high) with his knowledge. That's pretty much the extent of the rumor.

Now I have this information. I don't know if any other faculty or staff members at the community college do. I'm trying to figure out if I should report it to someone in his department or not.

J didn't actually break any rules. Our community college does not prohibit relationships between students and faculty, and while it prohibits drug use on campus, it says nothing about off-campus. 

But the whole thing still me, and I wonder if I should report it (anonymously maybe) to someone higher up?

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Report J
Let him deal w/ fallout
Not your problem
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You don't have a dog in this fight. My advice:keep out of it.

I just might possibly say 'perhaps you could drop a line in someone's ear about this against future incidents, in case anything happens' . . . if you actually had anything concrete. At this point you don't even have solid hearsay, just a rumour that could be who knows how many times removed from the truth.

In any case, yeah, I agree - keep out of the whole mess.

Unless you witnessed it personally - this is all rumor and hearsay.

Acting on a rumor like this could unnessarily ruin careers and friendships - especially if proven wrong.

My advice, forget you heard about it.

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