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Is this effective parenting?

This image comes to us from the blog Nick Mom by way of some others to give some credit where credit is due.

But does this actually seem like an effective strategy or do you think it will backfire? Imagine yourself as a teen, your own kids, your nieces/nephews/cousins/brothers/sisters, or your future imaginary children if you need inspiration. 

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I would have totally set up a "fake murder scene" for them to find on the patio the next morning.

Or just pounded on the doorbell for hours.  

I'm with James.  Escalation is a nasty business with a teen- they will ALWAYS win the "who cares least" game.  Always.

While I think the image itself is amusing, I can't make a decision because there's no context.

I have a friend - a single mom - who would totally win with this approach, because underneath it all, she has shown love for her boys when and where it really matters. So they know that when mom sets a rule, it's for good reason and that there are consequences for violating the rule.

However, I know of someone else who never did a good job setting ground rules and limits, and a note like this would simply be blown off by their children. 

To me this seems like a perfect invitation to tell your child to spend the night out at who knows where! Even thought I may be angry, I couldn't rest in peace knowing my child is out there somewhere...

My mother would never have done this - and I never stayed out past curfew in any case - but if situations had been different, and we had come to this sort of a step?

I have to say, I would be tempted to just take off again. Hey, I was out with someone, why the heck would I stay and be locked out of the house if I've already disregarded everything so badly?

(Not to mention I would be creeped the heck out to stay outside in my neighbourhood at night. The neighbourhood itself isn't bad, but scary people wander in and through often enough when it is dark.)

I can't imagine seriously being able to not worry about your kid after this incident, either, looking at it from the other direction.

The Reckoner!