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What do you consider middle age?

Since there is another reckoning question directly related to age, here's an age-related question on which many of us can not concur. With the average life expectancy increasing to the late seventies and eighties and people living well in to their eighties and nineties, what is considered middle-aged?

If you had to describe someone as middle-aged, what age group would that be Reckonauts?

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Forty to Fifty
Fifty to Sixty
Half Way Point
Fifty is the New Forty
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Reckoning Comments!

Assuming you buy alcoholic beverages with average frequency, I think once you go a full twelve months without being carded once you're middle-aged.  


I like that definition!

In reality, for the sake of politeness, Middle Age extends from when you stop getting carded to when you start claiming senior discounts at museums and movie theaters.  If you never start doing the latter, I think you can successfully postpone Middle Age until they're having your wake.

In my twenties - it was forty

In my thirties - it was fifty

Now that I'm in my forties - its forever 10 years into the future speak the truth..I agree with you!


At 46, I'm having a hard time saying that I'm in my middle age. 

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