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Mel Gibson! It's Hell Being Mel! Will he pull his career out of the toilet, or is this it for him?

Twelve years ago, What Women Want came out.  The poster was an enormous close-up of Mel Gibson's face.  It seemed to be answering its own question -- or perhaps just making a declarative statement of truth to three thousand movie lobbies.  This is what women want.  Women want Mel.  Everybody wants Mel.

Now, nobody wants Mel.  You need a Geiger counter to drive past his home in Beverly Hills.  His enduring image is not of The Man That Women Want, but of his mug shot, chin down, staring upwards, furtively, somewhat feral, like a schoolboy who has done something profoundly wrong and is waiting for his rosaries.

Ironically, this skid was initiated by Mel's greatest commercial success.  The Passion of the Christ.  We all knew that Mel loved martyrdom.  Between Lethal Weapon and Braveheart and Payback and Hamlet, the man craved it.  And so he made the ultimate martyr movie about the ultimate martyr.

Mel now has what he wanted.  He's the martyr.  In real life.  Between the DUI, the anti-Semetic slurs after the DUI, the horrible tapes of him threatening domestic abuse, The Beaver, all of it, he's now persona non grata both in Hollywood and our homes.

Hollwood loves redemption stories.  Mel's career is certainly in a deep enough hole to make his life into a whopper of one.  But it's also in a deep enough hole where the undertakers can fill the dirt in and nobody would notice.

Tell me, Reckonauts!  Is it all over for Mel?  Or do you think he has it in him to roar back and rescue his career and reputation?

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It's over for Mel.  People forgive bad behavior in Hollywood, usually, but not bad behavior of his stripe.  And given how financially set he is from the perpetual windfall that is The Passion of the Christ, who knows if he even wants to come back in the public eye.  I just don't think that door is ever going to be open.

He was great in "Edge of Darkness" which was on cable about 6 months agol

I loved Mel when he seemed to enjoy being an actor and was without all the bitterness and crazy seriousness that seemed to engulf him later in his career. He was handsome, humorous and had a very charismatic persona. At one time, he seemed like a fun guy in the roles he played and in real life. We heard he was a heavy drinker and a notorius womanizer, but somehow he was always the charismatic rogue.

Who knows what caused him to go bonkers!!! He got oh so serious, confrontational, judgemental and downright bitter. He's out for the fight rather than the laugh. What happened to the Mel of Lethal Weapon, Forever Young, Maverick, Mad Max, The Patriot, Signs among his many movies?

As Ingo said, he was very good in Edge of Darkness made in 2010. If he can get himself back to being the old Mel we enjoyed, I think the door will open again.

Who cares? I surely do not. Tons of new and improved actors are moving along on the gravy train.

Wasn't The Beaver supposed to be good?

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