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Is Donald Trump a great showman or a self-serving egotist?

I watch the Celebrity Apprentice mainly because it has some interesting celebrities and pseudo celebrities that are willing to put themselves and their egos in some pretty humiliating circumstances to win large amounts of money for good causes: their charity of choice.

I used to think that The Donald was a pretty shrewd showman and businessman able to put together a cast of characters that would be entertaining to watch and behave badly in front of an audience of millions. The show seems to bring out not only the best, but the worst in these celebs!

However, after watching Donald and his egocentric crew over the past seasons, it seems to have dawned on me that he is just an obnoxious, insufferable know-it-all bag of wind that expects everyone including his cast to kiss his arse. I really no longer enjoy this show...

What say you Reckonauts? Am I being too harsh on The Donald or has he really crossed the line into being  overly abnoxious, self-serving and egotistical!

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Trump is living proof of the adage that the best way to earn a million dollars is to start with ten million.  

I've never been able to peg just how much self-awareness that man has, or if this whole campaign is just part of him being the Andy Kaufman of the business world, but I think I've exhausted my life's alotment of Trump attention a long time ago.

What amazes me is how Trump can be so rich by borrowing and then defaulting on enormous loans for his projects.  Bankers must be unduly impressed by him or something.  Somehow, his actions strike me as unethical.  You just have to be a huge douchebag to pull off his level of audacity.

@Michael Clem

Very, very true.  Having grown up within an hour of Atlantic City, I've seen full well that Trump is the living embodiment of the adage that if you owe the bank a thousand dollars, they own you.  If you owe it ten million dollars, you own them.

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