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Pronunciation Battle! Caribbean versus Caribbean!

Now that we've learned that Pirates are no match for Ninjas (persuasive argument in the comments notwithstanding), it's time to let them lick their wounds back home in the Caribbean, where the rum flows freely and the coconuts thud without mercy.

Oh wait, did you say CAR-ib-BE-an?  I thought we were going to talk about the ca-RIB-be-an.  What are you, some sort of nut?  Wait, you think I'm some sort of nut?  Alright, that's it, pal, this question is about to get rated arrrr!

Which is it for you, fellow Reckonauts?  Are you a CAR-ib-BE-an scallywag, or a ca-RIB-be-an rapscallion?

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Reckoning Comments!

For some reason, it's always Pirates of the CaribBEan.  Except I call it Pirates of the caRIBbean.  And everybody looks at me funny.  What is this madness?  Are we going to let Walt Disney tell us how to live our lives?

I consulted the authority on this issue, one Mr. William Ocean, and he told me it's Car-ib-be-an. 

Meh, I don't have a problem with either way, although I think that Ca-RIB-Be-An is a bit easier to roll off the tongue.

And didn't Veggie Tales do "Pirates of the Carob-Bean"?

Man, I forgot about that Billy Ocean bit.  That is one man I do not want to cross.

Yes indeed, Veggie Tales did indeed do a Pirates of the Carob-Bean movie, although I think they were worried that kids wouldn't get the pun, so they changed it to the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.  I think I prefer a title with a silly pun to a title that actively states that the movie is going to bore you to tears, but then again, the Veggie Tales folks may not have been thinking of me when they were trying to market that movie.

Way back in the day, the brilliant and talented Carol Burnett did a musical number on her show that was a pirate pastiche. It addressed this very issue. I vividly remember the refrain to the song: 

"By the Ca-rib-BE-an, by the Ca-rib-BE-an or Ca-RIB-be-an Sea"

The Reckoner!