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You get to choose: born on Feb 28th or 29th?

So let's imagine for a moment that it's 11pm on February 28th. Tomorrow is that once in every four years occasion: a leap day!

You are about to be born. A mysterious entity comes to you and tells you it's your choice: you can either be born on Feb 28th and have a birthday every year or Feb 29th and have that special once every four year birthday.

Which do you go for: special for one day once a year or super special for a day once every four years?

Reckoning Results!
Feb 28th
Feb 29th
A birthday every year!
4 times younger!
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Reckoning Comments!

There's something alluring about having a secret birthday.  It's like being part-Martian, or having six fingers on a hand.  Something cool and distinguishing that gives you something to small-talk about.  Never underestimate the power of small-talk.

I like the 28th...It was my mom's birthday and it is our son-in-law Leo's b-day as well. I can understand as you get older wanting to forget your birthday, but when you are a child, birthdays are a big deal... So if your child is born on the 29th, you are going to have to pick Feb 28 or March 1 to celebrate. Celebrating every four years is not going to cut it or the cake...

The 29th only further promotes celebration of birthday month--something I already advocate strongly. 

The Reckoner!