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"Homer At The Bat"- Best Simpsons Episode Ever?

This weekend marked the 20th anniversary of one of the finest half hours of television ever produced- "Homer At The Bat." 

While it may not seem like it, "Homer At The Bat" is a fairly historic piece of television.  It was the 17th episode of third season of The Simpsons.  The world was a different place back then.  While growing in popularity, The Simpsons was far from the institution it has become today.  In fact, at that point in time, The Simpsons was little more than a weird somewhat controversial cartoon airing on an upstart little watched network.  Earlier that year, both George and Barbara Bush had famously taken shots at the show.  The Simpsons was, also, regularly trounced in its Sunday night timeslot by the far more popular The Cosby Show.

But, all of that changed (or at least started to) with "Homer At The Bat."  For the first time ever, The Simpsons ruled Sunday night beating both Cosby and the Winter Olympics.  While the show had some experience with celebrity guest stars prior to the episode, this was the first episode to perfect the zany cameos the show would eventually become famous for.  (My personal favorite being Steve Sax's arrest for all the unsolved murders that have ever happened in New York.)  It's also an example of the subtle shift of the show's focus away from Bart getting into trouble and towards Homer's misadventures.

I could go on and on about the episodes virtues, but I hope by now you're humming the wonderful parody of "Talkin' Baseball" that played over the episode's credit sequence.  Is "Homer At The Bat" the best episdoe of The Simpsons ever?

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Aack, I love this episode, and I just clicked 'Not The Best!'  What am I, a maniac?

The problem is that the competition is just too strong.  You've got the damn Monorail episode on one side, and the Hank Scorpio episode on the other, and that tandem is just too tough to top.  Not to mention Last Exit to Springfield.  Especially Last Exit to Springfield.  Or the episode were Maggie was born and Homer has to go back to work at the Nuclear Plant.

Ah hell, it's a shark tank out there for #1.  I just hope Ozzie Smith got out of the Springfield Mystery Spot one day.

The addition of Pitt The Elder and Lord Plamerston really made my day.  

This episode is infinitely quotable.  

You play right field? I play right field too! Are you better than me?

Well, I've never met you... but yes.  

as a sensitive eleven year-old i got really sad when darryl strawberry cried.  

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