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Couple Battle: Is there an age limit on using a futon as either a sofa or a bed?

I had this dream when we moved from our last apartment to the one we live in now. We were going to move on up like the Jeffersons and finally graduate from a futon to a real live couch. 

Those dreams were dashed when we signed the lease. Our apartment is a third floor walk up at the top of some very narrow stairs. Most of our furniture came with the apartment out of necessity--including, you guessed it--a futon. 

This prompts a debate between Dan and me. I say there comes a time in a person's life where they no longer want a futon. I correlate this with getting older. The Official Creator of the Reckoner says there is no expiration date on futon living.

Who is right?

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Dan voted for Dan!

Futons are not quite as good a sofa as a sofa, but it's a vastly superior bed to a sofa bed.  We do a fair amount of entertaining, so you can't underestimate the bed factor.

I think futons suffer from a perception problem.  They get lumped in with cinderblocks and outdoor-furniture-used-as-indoor-furniture in the grand patheon of "bachelor home design," but I think that's unfair.  I'm taking it back, dang it.

Disagree. I think the worst sofa bed is better than the worst futon bed out there. Also futons slip everywhere! I feel like I'm constantly getting up and adjusting the futon pad because it never stays in place.

I'm with you Sally...once a person graduates college, the futon has gotta go!!!!

Sorry Dan, but its time to ditch the futon! I also think that a sofa bed is better than a futon by far. Especially if said futon has a metal frame. Wood frames are better, but not by much. They actually make some really comfy sofa beds these days. And you get to look like a real grown up when nobody is sleeping over. :)

I'm in a fix here -- things just aren't going my way.  Time to launch Plan B.

*Desperately tries to think of a Plan B*

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