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Electric Toothbrush--Are you in? Should I be?

Recently the FDA issued a warning against the Spinbrushes saying that some of them were malfunctioning causing health problems, specifically, that parts of the toothbrush would pop off and chip teeth, fly into eyes, or become lodged in throats. 


My dentist has been recommending using an electric toothbrush for years. I have used them in the past, and my mouth does feel cleaner, so I guess they are doing a better job than I do. When the last one died, I didn't replace it, but was thinking about it. Then again, this has me kind of spooked. 

So Reckonauts, should I do like Dylan and go electric or keep it old school?

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Don't buy the ones shown in the photo.  Invest in a decent brush (Braun, for example).  We've used them on the kids for years, they don't break and they do a much better job than manual.

The Reckoner!