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Modern Family Reckoning: Old Lily or New Lily?

If you are a Modern Family devotee, then you probably noticed that Cam and Mitch's adopted baby, Lily, did a lot of growing up over the summer break. In fact, the show dropped the twins who were playing baby Lily and brought on a Toddler Lily.

Rumors go two ways: 1)Baby Lily Twins were not particularly happy on the set, so their parents decided to end their show biz career and/or 2) Baby Lily Twins notoriously lacked any kind of reaction on camera, a joke that was getting kind of old.

The producers and writers used the exit of the twins as an opportunity to age Lily to the age she would be if time had passed naturally from when the show first came on the air.

Then America backlashed. Some people love the new Lily--having a child who can talk provides all kinds of previously unavailable comic potential (evidenced in the Little Bo Bleep episode in which Lily develops a fondness for a four letter word). Others don't like her one bit--they mostly flat out do not like change, feeling the age and personality jump was too jarring. Some internet anonymous folks even find her "creepy" and "unlikeable" which seems a bit harsh to me.

So, Modern Family fans, now that you've had a chance to get to know the new Lily, would you still go back to the old Lily if it turned out they wanted back in?

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I've only watched a few scattered episodes of Modern Family (and what I've watched has been very funny), but I'm generally in favor of any kind of change like this within a sitcom, for the writers' sake if not anything else.

Do you know how hard it is to crank out 22 episodes a year of sitcom material, every year, using the same basic characters and setups?  If you don't do anything to freshen things up, the same fans who are complaining about relatively minor changes like these are going to be complaining two years from now that the whole thing seems tired.  Or more likely, they'll just stop watching.

Old Lily was a prop. New Lily is a character. I approve.

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