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Are these men insane, or would you also be able to nonchalantly eat your lunch sitting untethered 800 feet in the air?

This famous image.  Empire State Building, 1932.  Construction workers having lunch as if it's no big deal that they're 800 feet off the ground and there's absolutely nothing tethering them to the building.  Nobody seems to mind much that they're one off-balance moment from leaving a crater in the sidewalk.

Or perhaps there are some particularly fluffy mattresses at street level that we can't see.

Could you ever imagine yourself getting acclimatized to the point where you could be like these men, or are they exhibiting what you feel to be casual insanity?

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They're INSANE
I could handle it.
Tougher in those days!
I'm on a girder right now
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OMG...I can't even look at this photo without cringing in fear. It's like a nightmare! Actually, I have seen this photo before, and admire these courageous men tremendously... Though they seem to have no fear of heights, they did what they needed to do to get the job done...

The Depression was a tough time, and I suppose it can sap a man's will to live, but this is insane.  How did they get up after they were done lunch?  How did they even get out there in the first place?  Is there a net hiding somewhere off the bottom of the frame?

According to random internet searches, five workers bought the farm while building that thing.  Only five?  My guess from this photo is that 50-75% of the guys who ever worked on that building were found in a cartoon pancake shape on the ground at the construction site.  Another 10% popped up afterwards and made an accordion sound.

While it is true that if I were up on that beam right now, I would be prone clinging to it with every ounce of my strength, weeping openly, eventually anything becomes normal. If were up there day in and day out, learning to keep my balance 8, 10, 14 hours a day, I think I would acclimate. And I have to think, without the vertigo, the view would be pretty neat.

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