The Reckoner!

The Reckoner Has Pictures! Now tell me, which box-borne animal is cuter?

The internet is often derided for being nothing but pictures of adorable animals.  Also, pornography. Now that The Reckoner! has picture upload capability, I find myself incapable or resisting the Siren's song of adorability.

Presented are two images for your viewing pleasure:

  • Maru the Cat, standing in a box that is too small for him.
  • Bo the Bulldog, sitting in a box that is too small for him.

Both of these animals have done a poor job at finding cardboard boxes of sufficient size!

You and only you, Reckonaut nation, can tell me which of these adorable pictures merits more 'awww'! Go ahead, click on 'em.  Get the full picture.

Reckoning Results!
Maru the Cat!
Bo the Bulldog!
That box is too small!
You're too fat for it!
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Reckoning Comments!

Being an animal-lover, I love both photos; however, since I am partial to bulldogs, and actually have a Bo in our family, I have to go with the bulldog-in-a-box.

For me, the bulldog's natural expression makes his sitting in that tiny box all the more hilarious.  It's a mixture of stubborness and sadness that simultaneously says "this is my box, and I don't care who makes fun of me about it" and "I'm too fat to fit in this box and I think I've ruined it."

In reality, the bulldog is likely thinking either 'I'm hungry' or 'I'm ready to take a nap.'  History has shown that those are really the only two things that bulldogs think.

The Reckoner!