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Would You Rather Live In An Underwater House or In An Outer Space House?

James Cameron keeps telling me that the next frontier isn't space, it's the ocean, which, according to him, has been barely explored.

Which brings me back to an old childhood debate. In the future after the polar ice caps melt etc etc, it seems pretty clear that there will be two kinds of houses: underwater or in outer space (free floating or on the moon, your choice). Two potentially great views. Two undiscovered real estate bonanzas!

These images are just more or less how I imagine these two exotic locales. You can imagine them however you'd like, with a couple of caveats:

  • Don't worry about practical concerns like "air," "engineering," and "commuting." 
  • But you can take personal phobias into account
  • Sorry--normal land dwelling is out of the question.
  • You are special, so your new home will have the awesomest view possible--it's just a question of which view you want.

So, where do you buy real estate?

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Space house, all the way.

With space, the horrors are mostly existential.  Man removed from his context and exposed to the vast, indifferent void of the universe.  Underwater, the horrors are straight out of Lovecraft.  There are creatures down there that make Cthulhu look like he was the secret fifth Banana Split.

Also, should anything go wrong, I think I'd rather take my chances with explosive decompression rather than drowning.  Most actual cases of explosive decompression make it seem rather more pleasant than Total Recall made it seem -- you basically pass out almost immediately -- whereas drowning is pure Sonic 2 nightmare fuel.

Yes, I made this decision almost entirely out of fear.  Why do you ask?

I know you're saying not to worry about engineering issues, but Sealab always seemed awfully prone to explosions ...

Better the devil I do know than the devil I don't know.

I'm with Dan K... remember, hot on the heels of JC's epic meaning-of-life dramathriller "The Abyss"  was the epic crustacean horror knockoff DEEP STAR SIX.

I'm interested in space, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it would tend to be boring day in and day out, after the initial novelty wears off.  Underwater at least is still part of the earth and teeming with life. 

Got to go with the living in space scenario. If something should go wrong in my underwater home, drowning holds no appeal to me!

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