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Are the next two weeks the *worst* part of the American sporting calendar?

The Super Bowl is over, which means that football is over for six months.  Pitchers and catchers have just barely reported for baseball.  For hockey and basketball, it's regular season action.  Regular season action.  And even if you're an NHL or NBA die-hard, typically this is when the mid-season doldrums kick in (although the abbreviated NBA schedule helps ameliorate that a smidge).  In tennis, the Australian Open is long gone, and all of the tournaments are still happening at 5 AM here in the US.  Golf is... golf.  March Madness is still two weeks away.

The only thing of note is the Daytona 500, that lone bone thrown to the big-event starved sports fan.  It's enough to get a guy following NASCAR.  Genius move, Bill France Jr.

These next two weeks are quite possibly the worst on the American sporting calendar.  The outdoor sports are universally closed (or playing at 3 AM), and the indoor sports are barely half-awake, shambling along until the real excitement begins in the spring.  There is nothing, nothing out there at all.

Tell me, dear sports fan Reckonaut, is the stretch between the Super Bowl and March Madness the worst on the calendar, or am I just not thinking hard enough about the other lean times in our sports-choked lifestyle?

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This is the worst!
Meh. There are leaner.
Day after All-Star Break.
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The worst part is, this is when we need sports the most.  The days are still short, it's been damn cold for three months, winter feels like it's never going to end, the holidays exist only as distant rumor, and spring still feels like an abstract and elusive concept.  We need television, and televised sports, to see us through the end of this thing.

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