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The Ultimate Nerd Debate! Did Han Solo Shoot First?

George Lucas just can't seem to leave the original Star Wars movies alone.  This has led to the one of, if not, the most famous nerd uproars in history- whether or not Han Solo shot first in the cantina scene in Star Wars Episdoe 4: A New Hope. 

In all versions of the film, lovable rogue Han Solo is confronted by hapless bounty hunter Greedo while in the cantina in Mos Eisley.  The two get into an argument about Han's outstanding debt to Jabba the Hutt.  In the original 1977 version of the film, as the conflict between the two intensifies, Han shoots Greedo.  But, in the "Special Edition" of the film released in 1997, Greedo shoots at Han first (and misses) and Han merely defends himself by shooting Greedo.

Much like how a million voices screamed out during the destruction of Alderaan, nerds the world over were outraged by this change, which seems to have been singled out as everything wrong with the modern Star Wars movies.   Even mainstream culture caught on, and the change was cleverly used in a promo for Season 2 of FX's Justified.

George Lucas himself recently chimed in to support the change by attempting to pull a Jedi mind trick on America.  Lucas claims Han never shot first, and to the extent it looked like he shot first in the original version of the film, it was because the angles the scene were shot at could accidentally lead the view to believe that.  He justifies the changes in the "Special Edition," by saying that they were made so it would be clearer that Han did, indeed, not shoot first.

So Reckonauts, let's settle this once and for all.  Did Han Solo shoot first? 

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The thing is, I've also pulled a Jedi Mind Trick, where in the Special Editions I've solemnly convinced myself that Han actually still shoots first, and that the laser blast from Greedo is actually just Greedo being really quick on the draw just after Han blasts him.  That's what happens.  Absolutely.  La la la la la la, I can't hear you...

Did this movie come into being through immaculate conception?  How could a man create something that's such a cultural touchstone and seemingly have so little idea about how he did it or why it was good?  Did George Lucas get in a bad car accident in 1981 that scrambled his eggs that we don't know about?

There's not even the sound of another gun firing, let alone a laser beam shooting past Han's head, in the original.  Han clearly shot first.  It's important to his charecter arc that he shoots first.  

Until the Millenium Falcon comes out of hyperspace over top of my apartment and Harrison Ford himself steps out of it and explains how I've got it all wrong, Han definetely shot first. 

you beat me to the punch with this posting - well done

Han shot first.  He had to.  Greedo was going to get paid whether he brought Han back dead or alive and a dead Han is easier to deal with than a breathing one.

Besides, Han did Greedo a "favor".  If he had let Greedo live, Greedo would have been chased aross the Universe by Chewbacca until Chewie caught up with him and ripped his arms out of their sockets - and then hurt him.

How is there a question? Han shot FIRST.

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