The Reckoner!

The Zombiner! If somebody you know gets bit by a zombie, do you kill them immediately, or wait until they're completely zombiefied?

About 50% of all of the zombie movies ever made have some variation of this scene:


Zeke:  Zombie Ambush! Aaagh!!

[Zombies attack everyone, including Zeke.  Zeke gets bit, but seems to be okay for the moment.]

Zeke: Oh dammit.  This is bad.

Everybody Else:  Hold on Zeke.  We're going to find some way to get you help!  We'll beat this thing!

[The makeup department gets more and more creative with Zeke as his zombiefication progresses.]

Zeke:  I'm really not feelin' so good.

Everybody Else:  Hang in there Zeke!  Just a few more hours!

[Zeke gets a wierd look in his eyes.]

Zeke:  I think... I think I want... SOME BRAINS, FOOLS!!

Everybody Else:  Zombie Zeke Ambush! Aaagh!!


Basically, a character gets bit, everyone knows about it, but they can't bring themselves to kill them.  So they lug that character around until eventually he turns into a zombie and starts attacking them.  All the while, you in the audience are screaming at them because you've seen zombie movies before and know none of this is going to end well.

Let's say the zombpocalypse does happen, as we all know it will.  And let's say that your best friend or significant other gets bit by a zombie, but otherwise seems okay.  As per your own lifetime of yelling at the screen, you know they're probably done for and it's time to bust a cap in them before they turn into a deadly zombie and harm the rest of your party.  

But they're also your best friend, and you (a) would like to hope, somehow, some way, this zombie thing isn't terminal, and (b) would really not like their last memory to be of you murdering them.

Do you do the deed?  Or do you do what they always do in the movies, and wait until you've got a zombie on your hands?

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Reckoning Comments!

I love questions like these, because they make us put our money where our mouth is, movie-wise.  When we're watching these things, we all know damn well what the characters need to do, and they seem so bone-headed for not doing it.  But if we were actually in that situation... I don't know.  That's a pretty tough call.  Heck, maybe the zombie movie we're living in will be the only one where you can actually cure zombification.

I think if the person is bitten, but still has their conscious mind, it would be harder to kill them. Once their personality starts to wane, killing them would be a lot easier. So maybe wait until they go to sleep so they don't see it coming.

It's a situation by situation thing.  If you're knee deep in Zombies, you let the person live so they can help you fight them off.  If you're relatively safe, you do the humane thing and put them out of their misery.

Alternate choice C because I know I don't have it in me to shoot my loved ones until they are frothing at the mouth. I like to think that if it was me who was bit, I would do everyone a favor and just take myself out of the equation so no one else has to live with the memory of murdering me and they don't end up getting infected by either myself or some other zombie who takes advantage of their distraction while they are lugging my butt around. So family and friends take note... I fully expect you to off yourselves.

Now that's the right way to go about things!  Just bite, bang, boom, the end.  I wouldn't really want to be around for the zombification anyway.

The Reckoner!