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This certainly beats my initial idea, which was to buy my wedding at Marshalls.

Would You Buy A Wedding On Groupon?

Apparently the "groupon" craze hasn't died yet.  Gilt City, an upscale version of Groupon, has what must certainly be the most bizarre offering ever offered a daily deal website - a wedding.

Yes Reckonauts, for the low low price of $42,000 you can purchase a coupon entitling you to a wedding, including ceremony, reception, hotel rooms, and everything else imaginable for your big day.  

Has the world gone mad or is this genius marketing?  If you were in the market for a marriage, would you want to buy a package for your big day on a daily deal website like Groupon, Living Social, or Gilt City? 

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Would You Buy A Wedding On Groupon?
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Alright, I have to admit that I saw Gaylord National Resort and I laughed, because clearly I am seven years old.

This package deal I wouldn't go for, because $42K is a lot to spend on a wedding, even if it's a good value for the luxury you get.  The Official Significant Other and I aren't really the Gilt type -- we're a lot more likely to have our wedding at the Springfield Mystery Spot and have a wedding photograph where it looks like we're standing at odd and impossible angles with one-another.

But in general, this sort of package deal seems really appealing because you get to buy the whole damn thing at one time.  By virtue of having had someone curate an entire package into one Gilt Group posting, a lot of the planning is already done.

My friend went to the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz California then showed me a video of it and I have been dying to go ever since.  But about the groupon deal its not that bad of an idea but probably better for a vacation package or Honeymoon than the actual wedding.  I don't think my significant other would go for it although she has mentioned that getting hitched by a trany Sher impersonator in Vegas would be her ideal wedding.

The Reckoner!