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It would never have occurred to me to put these two in a fight, and now that I see it, it makes so much sense all of a sudden!

Who would win in a fight, Gandalf or Obi-Wan Kenobi?

It's Sci-fi vs. Fantasy!  One is an outcast Jedi Knight, who can control the minds of the weak, sense the presence of life around him and move things with his mind.  The other is a wandering wizard who can teleport, conjur light and even make the sun rise early.  

One is 57, the other has walked the Earth for over 300 lives of men.  One wields a light saber, the other Glamdring.  One is an Istari who defeated the Balrog -- a demon of the ancient world, while the other took on the universe's greatest villain... twice.

Oh, and they both came back from the dead.

So who would win?  Does living for thousands of additional years mean you have more experience, or are just lucky to be moving?  How about moving obejcts?  It's a lot more impressive to move the sun instead of a small object, but is it more useful?  One can cut through anything with his light saber, but can the other control the very energy that it relies on?  Then again, elven forged metal is very impressive, but wouldn't a light saber go though it like a hot knife through butter?

So who is the winner?  

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Gandalf would knock the blue milk right out of Obi-Wan stomach.  He'd moiderize him.  He'd magick him into paste and be home in time for elevensies.

I wouldn't have said that so authoritatively ten years ago, but the prequels went a long way towards pansifying Jedi and making them seem rather easily disposed of.  In this case, I'm also assuming we're talking about movie Gandalf and not book Gandalf (since after all, we're talking about movie Obi-Wan, so it seems only fair).  Magic in the LOTR books was a fairly subtle thing, and I think that'd be a close fight.  Movie Gandalf was just a badass whose ass just would not stop being bad until all of our eyebrows had been singed off.

The thing about Jedi (or at least, Light Side Jedi) is -- their powers can really be divided in three ways:

  • Mind Control
  • Pushing and Pulling Things Telepathically
  • Awesome Swordsmanship

Gandalf isn't going to fall for mind control, and he's got the other two things covered.  But he has that extra element of calling on the heavens for some serious magical punishment.  I can see the Sith Lords maybe pulling a defense on that, but a non-Sith Jedi is going to be in real trouble.

Have to agree with Dan's assessment.  Also should add that Gandalf's  relationships with Eagles, men, elves, etc... allow him to call in a favor in need.

About Gandalf, however, I don't remember anything about making the sun rise early or teleporting, and I've read the books, twice (read: 8 times) -- can we get some clarification on those claims?

The Reckoner!