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Would you wear black and brown together?

OK, Reckonauts... let's say you have a really special event to attend and you've gotta wear black.  Black suit, black dress, tuxedo -- it's black or bust.

You go in your  closet and the only pair of dress shoes that you own are brown. Calamity! Even though, they are very nice, expensive shoes that you wear only for special occasions, your fashion sense and maybe most of your fashion-conscious friends have warned you to not mix black with brown - like you don't mix gold with silver accessories! So what's your choice Reckonauts?

Do you go out and buy a new pair of black dress shoes, that you may not wear very much after this occasion, or do you wear your expensive brown dress shoes and maybe accessorize with other brown items in hopes that people will see you as an independent spirit and not a fashion disaster?

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Brown can work up to and including charcoal gray.  But black and brown?  No sir, I'll smash the front plate window of the local DSW to get some black shoes before I pull the full-black-n-brown.  I'm not even sure if it looks bad, it's just been drummed into me in such a fundamental way that I can't possibly view it as looking good.

I think I'm going to be in the minority here, but I think you can make it work depending on the shade of brown and the style of the shoes.  

I voted to buy black dress shoes if not only to have them on hand as the basic. 

Until then, though, I'd say wear the brown shoes with a brown purse, black outfit and brown belt, maybe a brown, white and black scarf. 

BTW, in "Devil wears Prada" I couldn't help but notice that Meryl Streep did mix silver with gold! 

Hey, go all the way and wear black, brown, silver and gold! 

I voted for black shoes, but only because of the situation given. With a black suit or tuxedo, black shoes are the only way to go, but in more casual dressy outfits, I have no problem with mixing brown and black. Brown shirt with black pants is ok and brown shoes with black pants is ok if you're wearing a brown shirt and brown socks.

Even with a suit, I guess the brown shoes could be ok if they're dark brown and you're going to wear a brown shirt and coordinating, tior no tie at all. That's not likely though where other guys will be wearing tuxes.

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