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Do you look forward to Valentine's Day, or is it another pain in the ass commercial holiday?

You may have heard a few rumors about this, but yes, Valentine's Day is coming.  

February 14th -- that day that Cupid supposedly wanders by and injects that booster shot of loving emotion towards your spouse or significant other, or even your siblings and parents.

Of course, your motivation on Valentine's Day may be more from fear than love.  As a trillion sitcoms have taught us, you have a direct line to the shit-list if you don't provide the essential recognition that this day demands. And that's provided that you've got someone to share it with.  If you don't, Valentine's Day is another opportunty for the media to collectively rub your face in it, as if it wasn't working hard enough on that as it is.

What do you do, what do you do? Candy, flowers, chocolates, jewelry, dinner, fancy cards, electonic gagets, lingerie... so many consumerist options!  Which may be the point.  Some people feel this is just another commercial holiday that has been built-up to be more than it should.

But, maybe just maybe, there's a kernel of something great there.  Maybe you say to hell with it, and enjoy it.  It's an opportunity to take a moment and remind yourself about how much you love your SO and some of the people around you.  Maybe you go ahead an enjoy some of the consumerist aspects -- hell, why not.  Or if you're alone, maybe you use it as an opportunity to catch up on your rom-coms on basic cable, or as an excuse to make a kick-ass dinner and catch up with friends.

Tell me, Reckonauts!  Is Valentine's Day something you look forward to, or just another loud, blaring commercial holiday on a calendar full of them?

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Valentine's Day the industry is a complete pain in the butt, invented by the same Big Romance executives who came up with the slogan "how can two months salary last a lifetime".  I'll tell you how, De Beers.  By being saved carefully and being subjected to the miracle of compound interest.

Sal and I generally do something for Valentine's Day, but we're always careful to do it the weekend afterwards, when the restaurants have reacquired their sanity and the menus have returned to normal.

Of course, the Oatmeal pointed out (successfully, as it always does), that the worst part of Valentine's Day is all of the people complaining about it.  Which just makes the whole thing that much more fun.

This will be the first year I'll have a reason to celebrate/participate in this absurd holiday for awhile... and I still hate the living f*** out of it.

If you're alone, the holiday just makes you feel even more alone.  And if you're with someone it just makes you feel pressure from having to spend money.

This holiday needs to DIAF.

The Reckoner!